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If You Eat Garlic and Honey On an Empty Stomach For 7 Days, This Is What Happens To Your Body.

Garlic and Honey
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  1. Ivan Gomez says:

    Juan C Gomez let’s do this bro

  2. I eat raw garlic cinnamon ginger honey and black walnut shell every morning…y

  3. Hello..#catgotyourfinger

  4. #Alchemist #correction

  5. > 9 Sep 2016

    To create ozones
    The cows are doing a better job making Methane gas

  6. Aimi Kahar says:

    garlic <3 must try. !

  7. Muhammad Khalid Khan Marwat

  8. Where do you get your black walnuts shell from James Waltman plz? And what benefits is it taking 5 ingredients plz? Thank you ✌

  9. I have been taking this everyday for 3 months now I started mixing it with a tbs of Tumerac and let me tell you I feel Great.

  10. My griend from cannada sends me care packages of a lot of stuff..nettles..just alot of herbs and the stuff i take in the early morning has stopped any sickness no head cold or nothing

  11. Albert Camacho Jr. show this to Phala for her bug bites.

  12. No one will ever bother you again!! lol

  13. “Eat garlic and honey for 7 days and… won’t have anymore friends”…

  14. How’s your love life?

  15. All of them except you and me…

  16. Shaji John says:

    Honey is iron blood purified n
    garlic is effective for blood pressure ?

  17. It seems some people here think that eating this Garlic & honey will leave you with the smell of Garlic. I thought that too before trying it. I don’t know if the honey hides the smell of the Garlic, seriously peeps. Ya won’t stink of Garlic. I wouldn’t be doing it if I did.

  18. Danny Means says:

    Bernadine Southall-Evans

  19. Kim Hightower says:

    it did not do shit for me but make me sick

  20. Marce Corona says:

    Gastritis and bad breath

  21. this is shit ! eat shit with 🙂 and after that you have problem

  22. Fairul Zamri says:

    Norhidayu Ayu Friedli

  23. We welcome people having doubts and question everything we publish, but we still insist you guys to try this recipe. It is a bomb of health. So please do your own research before you reject it:

  24. Davina Young says:

    Thank you I love it so very much and completely understand to deal with trolls…. I will try this and I appreciate the knowledge about the recipe

  25. Mr.ace says:

    I agree with the remedy, however this potent medication for illnesses should be used as such, a medicine. When you are sick, great. Not everyday for no reason other than the claims of a healthier life. Deit is the key to a good body, this recipe is a great cure when you are sick. Not when you are well.

  26. Rajbirsingh Duhan says:

    When you eat garlic empty stomach morning no smell leave it. use and see. Cut it into small pieces and direct swallow it

  27. Muv says:

    My husband takes garlic every other day and it does come out your pores and you DO have a smell of garlic.

  28. Nelly says:

    Rethink your wording at least. Especially those claims where I am going to say to you: ok show me imperial evidence that categorically proves a correlation between said claims over a well balanced diet. No, I could not find any either.
    No its not some magic formula. Does honey have positive health properties, yes. Garlic, yes.
    Both together over a balanced diet, no. Used to bolster a cold, flu remedy, yes.
    When you make medical statements like this, make sure it stands up to a quick pubmed search at least.

  29. Ivan says:

    Imperial evidence?

  30. Art Forbes says:

    The word is empirical..

  31. glorious1 says:

    LOVE GARLIC!! It’s very good for you!! I use it a LOT. Don’t usually eat it raw. If I had the flu….I’d try this. Not afraid of a little garlic!! seriously.

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