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If You Eat Garlic and Honey On an Empty Stomach For 7 Days, This Is What Happens To Your Body.

  • Juan C Gomez let’s do this bro

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    • I eat raw garlic cinnamon ginger honey and black walnut shell every morning…y

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    • Where do you get your black walnuts shell from James Waltman plz? And what benefits is it taking 5 ingredients plz? Thank you ✌

    • My griend from cannada sends me care packages of a lot of stuff..nettles..just alot of herbs and the stuff i take in the early morning has stopped any sickness no head cold or nothing

  • Elliot Barker

  • > 9 Sep 2016

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  • Muhammad Khalid Khan Marwat

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  • I have been taking this everyday for 3 months now I started mixing it with a tbs of Tumerac and let me tell you I feel Great.

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  • Albert Camacho Jr. show this to Phala for her bug bites.

  • No one will ever bother you again!! lol

  • “Eat garlic and honey for 7 days and… won’t have anymore friends”…

  • Honey is iron blood purified n
    garlic is effective for blood pressure ?

  • It seems some people here think that eating this Garlic & honey will leave you with the smell of Garlic. I thought that too before trying it. I don’t know if the honey hides the smell of the Garlic, seriously peeps. Ya won’t stink of Garlic. I wouldn’t be doing it if I did.

    • Rajbirsingh Duhan

      When you eat garlic empty stomach morning no smell leave it. use and see. Cut it into small pieces and direct swallow it

    • Muv

      My husband takes garlic every other day and it does come out your pores and you DO have a smell of garlic.

  • Bernadine Southall-Evans

  • Kim Hightower

    it did not do shit for me but make me sick

  • Gastritis and bad breath

  • this is shit ! eat shit with 🙂 and after that you have problem

  • Norhidayu Ayu Friedli

  • If you can lol

  • No one will speak to you

  • We welcome people having doubts and question everything we publish, but we still insist you guys to try this recipe. It is a bomb of health. So please do your own research before you reject it:

    • Davina Young

      Thank you I love it so very much and completely understand to deal with trolls…. I will try this and I appreciate the knowledge about the recipe

    • Nelly

      Rethink your wording at least. Especially those claims where I am going to say to you: ok show me imperial evidence that categorically proves a correlation between said claims over a well balanced diet. No, I could not find any either.
      No its not some magic formula. Does honey have positive health properties, yes. Garlic, yes.
      Both together over a balanced diet, no. Used to bolster a cold, flu remedy, yes.
      When you make medical statements like this, make sure it stands up to a quick pubmed search at least.

      • Ivan

        Imperial evidence?

        • Art Forbes

          The word is empirical..

  • Ashlea McKeown

  • Sarwat D. Jaff

  • Mr.ace

    I agree with the remedy, however this potent medication for illnesses should be used as such, a medicine. When you are sick, great. Not everyday for no reason other than the claims of a healthier life. Deit is the key to a good body, this recipe is a great cure when you are sick. Not when you are well.

  • glorious1

    LOVE GARLIC!! It’s very good for you!! I use it a LOT. Don’t usually eat it raw. If I had the flu….I’d try this. Not afraid of a little garlic!! seriously.