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Emotional Maturity Is Something Few People Have. Here Are 5 of the Most Common Signs.

Emotional Maturity Is Something Few People Have
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  1. been this way for most of my life, an old soul. a few blips when subjected to narcissist abuse twice, but just getting things back on track.. i know when my emotions are out of line and fight hard to get them back. CPTSD doesn’t help.

  2. i have always had emotional maturity, or at least, an awareness which i grew into. i married two men who had the emotional maturity of three year old toddlers.sadly they still have not grown up, and i suspect, never will.

  3. Well, I missed this boat! Lol

  4. Great article! Set to share on Inspiration Point on 8/26/16 at 4 p.m. Thanks! #WUVIP

  5. well almost there 3/5

  6. Rita Taylor says:

    <3 ly pic and point

  7. Wow I thought this was something I had to work on but I’m pretty up there lol

  8. Thank you, recently went through a bad breakup and after reading this realized that while I am on point with most of this, theres one thing I have reason to correct about myself.

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