The Man Who Lives Without Money.

Irishman Mark Boyle tried to live life with no income, no bank balance and no spending. Here’s how he finds it.If someone told me seven years ago, in my final year of a business and economics degree, that I’d now be…

Unbelievable: He Fell To A 25 Meters Ice Crack In The Himalayas And Was Saved

He was seriously injured ,but he recorded a video step by step , trying to stay alive.Like the movie ” 127  Hours” , the agonizing effort of Professor at the University of Kentucky ,  John All , to save himself…

Man : Who He Is, What He Does, In One Short Clip.

He is unique. He can build everything. He thinks he can rule over billions of living creatures and can be the “saviour” of the whole ecosystem. So, can you guess who he is? But of course, i present you, THE MAN!

Russell Brand. he only thing that matters to any of us is Love.

This video is not about Russell Brand at all it is about the message and that message has never been more simple, its LOVE.

Nick Vujicic – No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

  No matter how bad your day is going…watching Nick Vujicic & his positive attitude in dealing with his own adversity, you will find it difficult to feel sorry for yourself!

Mythbusters banned from talking about RFID.

Mythbusters wanted to make an episode about how trackable and hackable RFID chips were. Sounds amazing?

John F. Kennedy – The Speech That Got Him Killed (April 27, 1961)

In his address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, John F. Kennedy talked about ‘a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy’ that rules the world. That speech was apparently the one that sealed his fate.Below is a selected transcript of John F.…

David Lynch. Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental Meditation).

“If you have a golf-ball-sized consciousness, when you read a book, you’ll have a golf-ball-sized understanding; when you look out a window, a golf-ball-sized awareness, when you wake up in the morning, a golf-ball-sized wakefulness; and as you go about…