Nick Hanauer. Rich People Don’t Create Jobs (Censored TED Talk).

Entrepreneur Nick Hanauer’s presentation is surrounded by controversy because after it was recorded, it was passed over for publication by TED.

Rupert Sheldrake. The Science of Delusion.

TED removed the recent talk by author and bio-chemist Rupert Sheldrake.

Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness (Censored TED Talk)

Hancock’s TED Talk, “The War on Consciousness”, was deliberately removed from YouTube: “Graham Hancock’s talk, again, shares a compelling and unorthodox worldview, but one that strays well beyond the realm of reasonable science. While attempting to critique the scientific worldview,…

David R Hamilton – How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body.

An interesting interview from David R Hamilton that everyone should watch to learn the possibilities of the Human Brain and explains in simple terms how people tackle serious conditions, with their minds and explains the science of why it works.

Jim Carrey – The Power of Consciousness

An inspiring speech by world known comedian Jim Carrey,in which he shares his thoughts and personal experience about getting rich and how money are not the answer to one person’s life question.

Allan Savory: How To Green The World’s Deserts And Reverse Climate Change.

“Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert,” begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk.