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Kenya’s Solar Plant Turns Ocean Water Into Drinking Water Providing A Viable Solution To Global Water Crisis

Isn’t it ironical that a planet which consists of 71% water is suffering from water scarcity? The main question of this decade is ‘How do we convert oceanic water into potable water?’, and maybe the answer lies in Kenya.

104-Year-Old Japanese Doctor Recommends These 14 Healthy Pieces Of Advice

Considered a national treasure in his country, Dr Shigeaki Hinohara a 104-year-old Japanese doctor has had one of the longest running medical practices in Japan. Born in 1911, he opened up St. Luke’s International Hospital and College of Nursing in Tokyo…

Possible Reasons Why Women Can’t Get Pregnant

Conceiving is one of those beautiful pleasures of womanhood that makes women feel special. Many fail to conceive after continued efforts. This leaves them feeling disheartened.

Drinking Wine May Help You Live Over 90 Years, According To Study

Have you wondered how drinking could actually gift you the ability to live for long years? Incredible as it may seem, it is actually true in case of drinking wine. Wine may not ensure you the gift of immortality, but…

Study Says Smoking Marijuana Causes Complete Crohn’s Disease Remission In 45% of Patients

Cannabis lovers, many scientific researchers provide proofs of the medical benefits of smoking marijuana.

Panic Attacks And Anxiety Episodes Linked To Vitamin Deficiencies In Innovating Study

It is sad that we live in times when anxiety episodes and panic attacks have become domestic terms for us. Every year, millions of people are hospitalized due to this, following which they are unable to live a peaceful life…

The More Coffee You Drink, The Longer You Live, According To Recent Research

Are you someone who’s frequently taunted for drinking coffee too often? Is it that if the coffee maker at work crashes and you don’t get your regular dose the day seems longer than usual? Is it that the staff behind…

Here’s Why Children In France Don’t Struggle With ADHD

Mental illness is a dicey thing all over the world right now. Given that awareness has risen, it would make you think that things have taken a turn for the good. But, it is not that sunny a picture, to…