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E-Cigarettes Found To Have 10 times More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than Regular Cigarettes

Although people use e-cigarettes to stop consuming the nicotine from tobacco, a research shows that they have ten times more cancer causing ingredients than regular cigarettes. Quite surprisingly, the FDA hasn’t mentioned anything as such and hasn’t conducted any tests on…

8 Early Warning Signs Your Blood Sugar Is SUPER High

People are usually ignorant about their blood sugar unless they have been diagnosed with diabetes. Sometimes, just because a person doesn’t have a history of diabetes in the family, they feel they do not have to worry about their diet…

Science Says You Should Smudge Your Home. Here’s Why:

Smudging can be defined as the process of burning herbs and small plants for both medicinal and spiritual use. This has been a part of a lot of cultures since thousands of years ago

12 Cancer Signs Mostly Ignored by Women

‘Cancer’ outside of the whole zodiac thing is one of the most dreadfully frightening words there is. Anyone who hears it from a doctor or in any medical context is immediately crestfallen as if struck by the hammer of god.…

These Non-Cannabis Plants Will Help to Heal Your Body

No, this isn’t a place for drug-addicts to flock to. This is about the medicinal properties of cannabis, or rather cannabinoids, the compound which interferes with the CNS that alleviates pain.

Magnesium is The Key to Healthy and Strong Bones NOT Calcium, Studies Say

We’ve always heard that calcium is the core nutrient that improves our bone health. However recent studies show that foods rich in magnesium like spinach and sesame seeds are actually important for strong bones.

New Cancer Vaccine Eliminates 97 Percent of Tumors in Mice, Clinical Trials On Humans in the Works

Doctors all over the world have been struggling to find the best possible treatment for cancer for decades. The Stanford University School of Medicine is now conducting a study for a new cancer vaccine.

National Cancer Institute Quietly Confirms Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

During hearings on marijuana law in the 1930’s, they made claims about marijuana’s ability to cause men of color to become violent and solicit sex from white women. This imagery became the backdrop for the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937…