A collection with photographs, paintings, comics and other artistic creations who can inspire you and help you think forward.

15 Sarcastic Illustrations That Show What’s Wrong With Society Today.

Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka are two distinguished artists from Israel, who are famous for their successful and sarcastic illustrations. Colorful, with a lot of depth visualizations that portray what is wrong with society today.

Artist Paints Mental Illnesses And Turns Them Into Realistic Illustrations

Every year million artists participate in Inktober drawing challenge where they draw something every day for each day of October. Artist Shawn Coss paints mental illnesses.

New Animalistic Trash Sculptures by Bordalo II Spring Up Around the Globe.

Instead of contemplating a series of sketches or attempting to envision how an artwork will come together, Portuguese artist Bordalo II (previously here and here) begins each of his animal sculptures in a grimy hunt for raw materials in junkyards…

Do You Know the Difference Between Lust and Love? These 4 Endearing Comics Can Help.

There’s a huge difference between lust and love. Sometimes it’s easy to confuse the two. Most of us think we know when we’re in love, but I’m not sure we’re as self-aware when it comes to lust.

20 Shocking Pictures Illustrate The Sad Reality Of Everyday Life.

The sad reality in which we sometimes live in is expressed through 20 pictures based on humor. But are also rather shocking.

Latuff Moved The Whole World For The Massacre In Nice.

The famous cartoonist Latuff published an artwork inspired by the massacre in Nice, France. The sketch is gone viral all around the world.

Joan Miro’s Paints Auctioned by His Grandson to Aid the Refugees.

Twenty-eight paints by the Spanish painter Joan Miro will be auctioned in London and the profits from the sale will go to the refugees.

Artist from France Paints Colorful Neighborhoods in Cheerless Walls.

It is an optical illusion that transforms cheerless and ungainly buildings in vivid colorful neighborhoods.