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I am creator and author of I study political science and public administration and I love spending my time thinking, reading, writing and speaking out of the box. Seeking hidden knowledge is one of my favorite hobbies. I also love meditation, music and rugby!

Your Sleep Position Says a Lot About Your Personality.

The sleep position a person choose to sleep is very indicative of many aspects to their personality.

The DNA of These Pacific Islanders Is Not Connected to Any Human Ancestor.

Researchers from the University of Texas MD, Anderson Cancer Center, have discovered a DNA that traces back to an unknown group of hominids.

Τhe Legend Of The Invisible Thread That Binds People Together

An East-Asian legend says that, when two people are meant to be together, an invisible thread binds them. By this thread, these two people stay bound together despite space and time differences.

Researchers Discover A Second Earth.

Finally, it is official. Researchers have confirmed the existence of a planet like Earth, located in the Proxima Centauri System, which has oceans and may also have alien life.

Harvard Scientists Turned Hydrogen Into Metal.

Harvard University scientists recently accomplished maybe one of the most amazing alchemy tasks of modern days: they turned the lightest of all elements, hydrogen, into a metal.

Τhese Beautiful Underwater Photographies Will Make You Want to Be a Diver.

Τhe winners of the Ocean Art Photography Competition show that underwater exists a completely different planet. The magic of the images gives an otherworldly sensation and make it hard to decide which one is the best.

The First Human-Pig Hybrid Has Been Successfully Created.

It is controversial, it raises ethical debates, it causes many people to yell many times, but it is also remarkable: scientists of Salk Institute have successfully grown the first human-pig hybrid in the embryonic stage.

THIS Is How You Can Make the World Better Through Sex.

L. Condoms, a San- Francisco based company has developed a social marketing strategy that is moving towards an interesting direction: for every condom they sell, a woman in Uganda and Swaziland gets access to sex education and reproductive rights training,…