8 Signs You’re With Someone Who Respects You
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8 Signs You’re With Someone Who Respects You.

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  1. The problem is how to determine if you are with a liar and a cheater, they are very clever at it, pull you along until they find someone else. If they disrespect your parents or siblings, they are probably gossiping about all with their lies due to insecurity, but will cheat and leave sooner or later, wasting your time all the while you are not aware yet not so happy because something is missing? What a bunch of miserable time wasters!!!

  2. Christine Meuwissen this is us☺

  3. Yes babe this is so us!!!

  4. meeeau says:

    “My assembled Desktop” this is us ^_^

  5. my two ex husbands did the exact opposite of all 8 signs.nothing good about either relationship. total deadbeat losers.

  6. Linda Bahney says:

    I think I can’t answer that one.

  7. Well, so much for that!

  8. Andrea Jane says:

    Tegan Chaplin Carrie Pell

  9. SO sharing this!! 😮

  10. Su Zi says:

    Zachary Taylor Czternastek

  11. finally found someone who respects me. neither of my ex husbands ever did.

  12. Sham Bukhari says:

    Ha Humour to my Heart

  13. Moi Hélène says:

    I dont need a test to know he respect me as i respect myself to not have it anyotherway … Je n’est pas besoin d’un test pour savoir qu’il me respect comme je me respect moi même asser pour n’être qu’avec une personne respectueuse.

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