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6 Things Strong Women Never Tolerate in Relationships

Strong Women
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  1. Rock says:

    ……so, when a strong women runs into relationship issues, she just ups and leaves? You can have her!

  2. Peggy Anne says:

    Rachel Leighton Joanna Nolen

  3. I don’t know where you got this from but I’m telling you it is the truth so true I hope a lot of people read and respond thank you Bridget

  4. Sounds like rules every woman deserves and wants.

  5. Nadja Müller says:

    Maybe you ought to read this article again not only with the mind (ego), but with the heart (soul). It might help you understand with the whole body.

  6. “How to keep her”? No one is for keeping. Especially strong independent people.

  7. Tracy Lloyd says:

    All men are a waste of space

  8. Lexie Tavares all remind me of you but especially #6

  9. Listen up my male friends!

  10. Ilana Lugassy& Joelle Lugassy. Thought this was very good advice. Only want the best for my girls! CHAG Sameach!! Love you Paula

  11. You’re so sweet Paula Hoffman, always thinking of others! Miss you and hope you have a wonderful holiday❤️❤️

  12. Norma Stoltz Uribe says:

    someone with a short temper. Instead of communicating leaving, not listening. Alot of times its simple things, but No you don’t want to hear it

  13. Miss all of you!! Having a great time

  14. These are also the same 6 Things Strong MEN Never Tolerate in Relationships…they may not be as expressive about it. And there’s an old expression “you teach people how to treat you”.

  15. It is not so bad hahaha

  16. Saturn1an says:


  17. Bobby Ho says:

    You’re a waste of a sperm cell

  18. margarita says:

    I can only see the title of the article. How do I open it?

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