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6 Things Strong Women Never Tolerate in Relationships

  • Rock

    ……so, when a strong women runs into relationship issues, she just ups and leaves? You can have her!

    • Nadja Müller

      Maybe you ought to read this article again not only with the mind (ego), but with the heart (soul). It might help you understand with the whole body.

  • Malka Siriwardana

  • Saber Patient

  • Rachel Leighton Joanna Nolen

  • Kaylee

  • I don’t know where you got this from but I’m telling you it is the truth so true I hope a lot of people read and respond thank you Bridget

  • That’s it))

  • Sounds like rules every woman deserves and wants.

  • Very very true

  • “How to keep her”? No one is for keeping. Especially strong independent people.

  • All men are a waste of space

    • Bobby Ho

      You’re a waste of a sperm cell

  • Lexie Tavares all remind me of you but especially #6

  • Listen up my male friends!

  • Ilana Lugassy& Joelle Lugassy. Thought this was very good advice. Only want the best for my girls! CHAG Sameach!! Love you Paula

    • You’re so sweet Paula Hoffman, always thinking of others! Miss you and hope you have a wonderful holiday❤️❤️

  • Norma Stoltz Uribe

    someone with a short temper. Instead of communicating leaving, not listening. Alot of times its simple things, but No you don’t want to hear it

  • Miss all of you!! Having a great time

  • Ruané La Grange

  • And lying….

  • These are also the same 6 Things Strong MEN Never Tolerate in Relationships…they may not be as expressive about it. And there’s an old expression “you teach people how to treat you”.

  • It is not so bad hahaha

  • Saturn1an


  • margarita

    I can only see the title of the article. How do I open it?

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