November 15, 2014

Truth Inside Of You

Many of us move through life never stopping to ‘smell the roses’, and often we don’t reflect back on what is truly important until we are facing our own mortality. Bonnie Ware, a palliative care nurse who is around death all day, decided she was going to record the top regrets of those facing death. This is what she found: Top Regret #1: I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself and not for others When you are facing the end of your life, it is common to look ba
Life is truly wonderful! In fact, the evolution of human life in the womb is just incredible. Did you know that everything about you including how tall you will be, the color of your eyes, and the color of your skin, was all determined at the time of fertilization?   Source: banoosh Video Source: Medicine Forever
Kenneth Shinozuka is a 15 year old boy, whose grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and soon after would start to wander around at night. When it first occurred he wouldn't go very far, but as the disease progressed so did his wandering. One night he was found in the middle of the highway. Kenneth was extremely concerned and he came up with a genius solution to protect his grandfather. His clever invention can help millions of Alzheimer patients across the world. https://www.y
Despite having been blind from birth and raised in a puppy mill, Smiley the golden retriever doesn’t seem to have anything to be glum about. This perpetually happy pup is so motivating, joyful and loving that he works as a therapy dog as well, spreading his joy to mentally ill and disabled patients every week. Stacey Morrison, the photographer behind this beautiful photo session with Smiley, had this to say about him; “he bumps into things a lot. And as I quickly learned, when he’s ru
Swedish Konrad has a Youtube channel with title "STHLM Panda". Together with his team, are shooting many videos, like pranks and experiments, and afterwards they uploading them to their channel . This week, their project was to see how people react when they see a woman sexually abused in the elevator. How many do you think they reacted?
Deaf people rely on sign language in order to be able to communicate with others. But, what happens when they need to communicate with their pet? This man did not let his disability stop him from being able to talk to his beloved cat. Somehow, he managed to teach him ​​sign language and now they can have a conversation. Watching them interact is amazing!   Source: youtube,whydontyoutrythis
You could say that the Dalai Lama is a pretty interesting guy, after all his stance on extra terrestrial life is quite interesting. During an interview the Dalai Lama was asked what surprises him the most, his response was quite mind altering. “Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that
By Julie Roberts, What would you do if you saw a single mother struggling to buy food for her kids? Would you help her? Would you do nothing? In this interesting clip, one TV show wanted to find out how people would react to a young mother who didn’t have enough money to make her purchases. Would people be judgmental? Would they step in to help? How would people react if they sent in an actor to make the young mother feel bad for not having enough money? It’s one thing to discuss
Whether you want reduce your environmental impact or ditch city life, many of us dream of dropping off the grid and living off the land. Not many of can actually cut the cord, but on the small island of Lasqueti, about 400 residents are living out that dream. The island lies about 50 miles northwest of Vancouver in the Strait of Georgia. To reach the remote locale, one can take a passenger-only ferry that comes two or three times a day, weather permitting of course. At 12 miles long and
Muharrem is a deaf guy from Turkey. A big mobile company made a great surprise for the young Turkish. In consultation with his sister, they approached Muharrem's neighbors, who agreed to participate in the project. They would try to erase the obstacles and the difficulties that Muharrem faces for just one day. Participants spent a month in sign language courses in order to be able to communicate with the deaf neighbor. "The great day" arrived and the young man came out of his house accomp
In the era of the global financial crisis, we think that it is very important to uphold the solidarity of the citizens who are preaching humanity without expecting anything in return. This so beautiful recordings are 100% real. So we found the original texts of the people who picked and shared these photos on the social media. 1. One pair of shoes can make you cry. «I have seen similar staff in several sites, but this is what i came across today in Panepistimiou street. I went
This is a simple test but what happens at the end will probably blow your mind. It happens to be one of those cool things that no one can really explain, but is totally fascinating. It isn't hard science, but you need to try it and see for yourself. Don't write anything down or use a calculator. This is just simple arithmetic... Are you in the overwhelming percentage that thought “red hammer”? What about “red” or “hammer?” If you're in that 2% that thought of something else,
Thought the world often seems cruel and few seem to understand us, certain events lead us to have restored faith in humanity's ability to act in a humane manner. Having an autistic child does not mean one is to be locked up at home, barely leaving the nest to catch a breath of air and hiding those with autism as if they were lepers with a contagious disease. Too often, we keep to ourselves, preferring to shy away from society and the cruel stares/comments we are sure to receive. In this soci
You may think that a lot has changed in our country since 1969 — and, of course, it has. However, the following video proves that as much as things change, they also stay the same. For those who grew up in the United States, one of the very first things you ever learned at school was the Pledge of Allegiance. Written by Francis Bellamy in 1892 and adopted by U.S. Congress in 1945, the words “under God” were added less than 10 years later under President Eisenhower. Red Skelton, one of A
The Gymnastics seems a victim of political and social developments in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation announced in a press conference that he lacks the funds to send the teams in European competitions. Political crisis in Ukraine has led to a lack of vital resources for sports, however these young ladies have proved that passion, skills and strong will can lead you to success! Long before the crisis, back in 2010 The Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships in Wrocław, Poland,
"Your soul mate makes you feel entirely intact, like no piece is missing from the puzzle. A life partner, on the other hand, can be a great supporter and long-time companion, but is limited in his or her capacity to enrich your spirit.” ~ Dr. Carmen Harra Soul Mates. Soul Reminders. Soul Connections. We hear about it, read about it and some of us are lucky enough to experience it. Soul mates differ from life partners. Some people, not ever encountering a soul mate or soul connection,
Capitalism in different countries, explained with cows. Who knew cows could be so informative? “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde Source: whydontyoutrythis
Philosophy goes where hard science can’t, or won’t. Philosophers have a license to speculate about everything from metaphysics to morality, and this means they can shed light on some of the basic questions of existence. The bad news? These are questions that may always lay just beyond the limits of our comprehension. Here are eight mysteries of philosophy that we’ll probably never resolve. 1. Why is there something rather than nothing? Our presence in the universe is something too
It could be another amazing shot of an unorthodox friendship between animals. Examples with animals, which conclude unexpected relationships between them, are hundreds and eventually it's not only the dogs with cats that  can surprise us. In this photo though, as cute as it may seems, the woodpecker doesn't offer an aerial ride in this little weasel. Truth is that what is happening is much more "violent". The photographer who recorded the shot explains that we are in front of a battle fo
Five things that happen after you step out of your comfort zone By Angela Hoyos You know that incessant little voice inside of your head? The one that says ‘no, you can’t do it; it’ll never work, and just give up already?’ That’s your comfort zone and it’s holding you back from following your dreams. In scientific terms, this nagging voice is related to your anxiety levels. Think about it like this, when you’re commuting to work, stopping by your favorite coffee sho
Materialism doesn’t lead to well-being, but altruism does. So many of us strive so hard for material success that you might think there was a clear relationship between wealth and happiness. The media and our governments encourage us to believe this, since they need us to keep earning and spending to boost economic growth. Fromschool onward, we’re taught that long term well-being stems from achievement and economic prosperity – from ‘getting on’ or ‘making it’, accumulating mor
Most people today don’t believe in the positive benefits of energy healing, let alone distant energy healing. How can someone help another person from miles away or being on the opposite side of the world? If we look at the physics behind energy healing, we will be able to discover how distant energy healing actually works. During an energy healing session, a client receives the energy that is channeled through an energy healer. Most energy healing practices use hands during the healing pr
If you’ve ever wondered about the significance of these number sequences, you’re not alone. Many people have asked us about their meaning during our angel workshops. So, we went to the Source and asked for guidance to interpret the meanings of repetitive number sequences. As a longtime student of Pythagorean sacred numerology (including a past life as his student) and also an angel channeler, I rapidly received information as to what the angels were conveying through these sequences. Below
What will happen to the healers once everyone is healed? In a time of great planetary transformation, great upheaval, great healing and ‘up-leveling’ we see more healers rising from their own ancestral memories,  own archaic soul memories as healers. I am seeing more and more healing modalities pouring through humanity all the time. We are being given modalities for healing our DNA for integrating our higher expressions of self into the earth body, for healing past emotional trauma, heal
Since the legalization of marijuana is a global phenomenon that increasingly concentrates supporters, we gathered a few "stoner" quotes from well known public figures.  “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” ― Bob Marley “Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural?”― Bill Hicks “It would be wryly interesting if in human history the
“Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in eternal awareness or pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.” ―Voltaire The first part of this article was written by:  Rachel Nuwer, Matthieu Ricard, a 66-year old Tibetan monk and geneticist, produces brain gamma waves—linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory—never before reported in neuroscience, leading researchers to conclude that
The most majestic species of the Amazon forest, and those most at risk of extinction, are not jaguars or harpy eagle, "says Mark Plotkin." They are the isolated and out of communication tribes living there. "This is a dynamic and awakening speech. Mark Plotkin introduce us the world of Amazon tribes and the amazing healing herbs they use. It highlights the challenges and dangers which threaten with extinction along with the wisdom that follows - and urges us to help protect this irrepla
by Christine Hoeflich Recently on the Internet I discovered a few lists of the signs of spiritual awakening (sometimes also referred to as symptoms of spiritual awakening). The lists I’ve come across so far are vague and unclear (for example: headaches and body aches, feeling as though you’re on an emotional roller coaster “for no reason,” changes in energy levels, sleep patterns, jobs, and/or relationships, gaining or losing weight, even an itchy scalp–all apparently for no reason)
In this TEDtalk, Lissa Rankin explores the spiritual and scientific implications that the placebo effect has over us. She discusses how our thoughts powerfully affect our physiology when we believe we can get well. The placebo effect is concrete evidence that the body has its own innate self repair system. A study was conducted with 3500 participants who had all been diagnosed with an incurable disease like cancer, HIV, various heart diseases, etc. Through the placebo effect, everyone’s
There is a war going on right now and it doesn't involve guns or the military industrial complex. It's a war on consciousness and most people are clueless that it even exists. Education or Indoctrination? Ultimately, the education system can be blamed for feeding us propaganda and forcing us to regurgitate it so we can “fit in” with the rest of society. Our public school systems are set up to get the students primed for economic slavery without ever offering courses that allow to student
The outgoing introvert – it seems pretty pretty contradictory, right? People are like onions though, we have layers about us. So sometimes labels aren’t able to effectively portray who we are. An extrovert can be shy and an introvert can be outgoing too. We’re all a little bit unique. So here’s what you have to know before you start dating the outgoing introvert. 1. We might be kinda grumpy and not want to talk after a long day. But don’t worry. We’ll want to talk eventually! U
By Andrea Schulman, creator of Raise Your Vibration Today As a former teacher who spent 7 years in the system, one of the things that really bugs me about today’s schools is the undercurrent of fear and control-based social conditioning that they subject our children to. Yes, our children do learn valuable skills and information, but often at the cost of their overall health and prosperity. Our schools, while they do indeed try, ultimately fail to fully harness the power of today’s young
Time has always perplexed the human race. We’ve tried to define it, track it, and measure it since the emergence of civilization. However, facts like these listed here show us how distorted our perception of time can be and how much we still need to learn about the fourth dimension. 1. Cleopatra lived closer to the building of Pizza Hut than the pyramids. The Great Pyramid was built cerca 2560 BC, while Cleopatra lived around 30 BC. The first Pizza Hut opened in 1958, which is about 500
Think you know everything about our amazing blue planet?  From lakes that actually explode to a twin planet that crashed into Earth once upon a time, we count 15 facts about the little blue planet we like to call home. 15. 24 Hours.  Is there really 24 hours in a day?  What if I told you that that is actually not entirely true? 14. Gravity Glitch.  There are areas of the earth that because of their shape there is actually a different amount a gravity.  Such as around Hudson Bay in Can
Do we have a soul? Is there life after death? The afterlife is something that has been experienced by countless people since recorded history who have returned to tell their tales, with the most noteworthy account experienced first-hand by Harvard trained brain neurosurgeon of 25 years, Dr. Eben Alexander. This is not just another afterlife account that can be written off as a hallucination. Before we look at exactly how his experience of the afterlife defies all scientific explanation, lets exp
If one part of success in Silicon Valley is dependent on your ability to stay up all night and code, the other part depends on your ability to think outside the box. Some in the Valley are trying to force creativity by taking LSD.   Credits:CnnMoney
While many people around the world think they are unprejudiced, without even knowing it a lot of us make snap judgments instantly when we see somebody unconsciously. Whether it’s gender, race, age, disability, or religion these subconscious biases affect us all. Many people in the United States feel that they have been discriminated against in their life. This subconscious prejudice can have profound implications for how we interact, view and treat people who don’t look like us. This
Adding colors considered by many experts of photography a clumsy, amateur intervention, but in the digital age the tendency to add colors in old black and white photos are more popular than ever. The past comes alive, even with color inaccuracies sometimes, and historical pictures look new, brighter, more accessible.
Banksy is one of the most famous street artists in the world and he released a 2 minute video advertising sarcasticly vacations in Gaza. This video sends a powerful message about the people and how they live in Gaza strip.
It appears that sleeping naked is not only sexy, but is also beneficial for one’s health. Here are five surprising (and scientifically confirmed) ways sleeping in your birthday suit can benefit your health and well-being: Better quality of sleep An Australian study concluded that some forms of insomnia can be provoked by improper body temperature regulation at night. Another study showed that the regulation of in-bed body temperature could significantly help in reaching a deeper sleep.
In the crime ridden streets of Columbia, urban myths tell of the horrors surrounding a local drug nicknamed “the devil’s breath”. The drug’s real name is scopolamine, an anticholinergic drug derived from a number of trees native to South America. Hailed in a 2013 Vice documentary as ‘the world’s scariest drug,’ scopolamine is known to turn its user (or victim rather) into a docile zombie ready to do exactly what its perpetrator wants. In an attempt to learn more about the m
Scientists in Britain are able not only with words, but with irrefutable images to show women who regularly smoke during pregnancy how the fetus reacts to substances smoke inside the womb. The project was directed by Dr. Naya Reislant from the University of Durham, who by ultrasound 4-D managed to portray the reactions of embryos substances cigarette. Dr. Naya Reislant found that the fetuses of women who smoked about 14 cigarettes a day, had strong mobility in the mouth, while constan
Yoga is growing in popularity in the U.S. as a complementary therapy for children with special needs and autism, with rising numbers of schools and parents participating in innovative programs which are cropping up around the country. Scott Anderson, teacher and founder of YogAutism, mentions on his site that in addition to benefits typically associated with yoga—improved strength and flexibility, and an increasing sense of peace—autistic children also experience a reduction of pain, anxiety
The authors of A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming explain how we may be able to change and guide our dreams while we sleep, making us happier -- and able to fly. Lucid dreaming is the ability to know you're dreaming while you're dreaming. A lucid dreamer is able to go to sleep at night, and wake up within his or her dream. Once lucid, you can explore and even change elements of the dream. You may notice that you're in a location that would normally be impossible (Wait, how did I get to Hawai
Former Monsanto Vice President Michael R. Taylor is the current Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He was promoted from US Food Safety Czar to Senior Advisor to the Commissioner of the FDA after spending years lobbying for the Genetically Modified Foods giant. Since his appointment for the position with the FDA, by the Obama administration in 2010, very little protest has been raised. When he was appointed to the post at the FDA, the job
A study in the August edition of The Journal of School Health finds that the generations old theory of a “gateway drug” effect is in fact accurate for some drug users, but shifts the blame for those addicts’ escalating substance abuse away from marijuana and onto the most pervasive and socially accepted drug in American life: alcohol. Using a nationally representative sample from the University of Michigan’s annual Monitoring the Future survey, the study blasts holes in drug war ort
Pop quiz: which is more polluted, indoor air or outdoor air? 10 times out of 10, indoor air in your house, office or apartment is going to be worse than the air outside. Indoor air pollution has been ranked among the top 5 greatest risks to public health by the EPA, and stagnant indoor air allows pollutants to build up and stick to the things inside of your home. The things in our homes emit some nasty toxic chemicals like formaldehyde for example. You can also be impacted by pollutants like
Last week, McDonald’s Japan apologized to a customer after they found bits of blue plastic in an order of their Chicken McNuggets. As a result, McDonald’s has pulled a million McNuggets from the factory. Another customer found a piece of vinyl in their McNuggets. “We deeply apologize for the trouble we have caused our customers and we are taking quick measures to analyze the cause of the contamination,” said company spokeswoman Takashi Hasegasa. This isn’t even the worst thing fo
Digestive, skin, bladder and kidney problems, fatigue and headache are just some of the adverse effects from not drinking enough water. We need it as much as air we breathe in! It's not a joke. Did you know that when you start feeling thirsty your body is already dehydrated? The best practice is to sip water throughout a day. Have it always handy! If you're not a morning person, have two glasses of water right after you wake up. It will boost up your blood pressure to normal levels, and it's
How many of you have at one time or another woken up unable to speak or move? If you have, you are not alone. The classic definition for this phenomenon is called sleep paralysis. It may last a few seconds, several moments, or occasionally longer and usually occurs right before you are about to fall asleep or wake up. Many people report feeling a “presence” that is often described as malevolent, threatening or, evil, and usually experience a tremendous amount of terror. The presence is
One of the world's leading pediatric neuroscientists, Dr. Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D, recently stated publicly that Attention Deficit/Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD) is not ‘a real disease,' and warned of the dangers of giving psycho-stimulant medications to children. Speaking to the Observer, Dr. Perry noted that the disorder known as ADHD should be considered a description of a wide range of symptoms that many children and adults exhibit, most of which are factors that everyone of us displ
My husband can ride his bike 70 miles in the blazing summer and still no BO! I also love that it's a great alternative for my girls who are just reaching the age of needing deodorant. It's easy to use and you can add essential oils for a “pretty smell”, if you want. Deodorant Recipe   Ingredients: 6-8 Tbsp Coconut oil (solid state) 1/4 cup baking soda 1/4 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch (arrowroot is preferred)   Directions: Combine equal portions of baking soda &
The research comes from the Athlone Institute of Technology, where Ireland-based scientists examined the effects of natural and digested coconut oil on common strains of bacteria within the mouth. What they found was that not only did the coconut oil effectively inhibit a majority of the bacteria strains single-handedly, but it was also particularly harmful to candida albicans. This is important when considering the fact that an excessive amount of the yeast known as candida alb
We take this opportunity to recommend an old drug made in Germany. It is a natural beverage that consists of lemon, garlic, ginger and water. Its numerous benefits come from the combination of these 3 super healthy foods that can have very positive health effects on our body. Health Benefits Regulation of increased blood fat levels. Prevention and treatment of congestion of the arteries. Prevention and treatment of infections and colds. Natural immune system enhancement. Natural l
Not many of us pay attention of the toothpaste bottom color we buy. After reading this, I bet you will consider the details which are telling a lot about your toothpaste. What you need to do is have a look at the bottom of the tube, where you will find a colored stripe. Toothpastes have different colors of stripes, depending on their composition. You need to be able to recognize them. In that purpose, in continuation we are giving you information about the different stripes: Green
More and more we are beginning to understand that marijuana is far more than a street-level ‘drug’. In fact, research shows that it’s a healing plant — and it doesn’t have to get you high. And as we learn more about this healing plant, we learn there are really a multitude of uses and methods to obtaining its benefits. One of the latest methods of reaping its benefits is juicing, as one woman learned the hard way. Juicing is a great way to get the best stuff out of plant mater
Diabetes is one of the most rampant diseases of our time. According to the American Diabetes Association, in 2012, 29.1 million Americans, or 9.3% of the population, had diabetes. In fact, diabetes is growing at a fairly fast rate. A study completed by the CDC & Research Triangle Institute concluded that If recent trends in diabetes prevalence rates continue linearly over the next 50 years, future changes in the size and demographic characteristics of the U.S. population will lead to dram
On a recent television show about healthy living on Russian national television, a doctor of medical science and psychiatry, Mark Sandomirsky, advised his patients to relieve stress using this easy technique. The source of stress often varies and people almost always experience it in different ways. Once the stress sets in, most people however, are left feeling uncomfortable and anxious, followed by a sensation of heaviness or even pain in parts of the body. The first step to releasing s
This video by geobeats explores the 10 deadliest diseases throughout all of human history; vaccination has reduced the occurrence and burden of many diseases, making us forget how truly awful some of them were. Source: IFLScience
ActionAid has conducted a social experiment in the center of Athens in a bus stop , on racism. In the following video, two actors, one from Bangladesh and the other from Greece, faked a scene of verbal racist attack. The cameras recorded the true reactions of people waiting for the bus. The results say a loud NO to racism.Together, we are stronger against racism, let's take all position. Source: Action Aid
The black clip cartoon showing a boy who falls victim of bullying at school. "I feel alone," he says. The video, which normally lasts approximately two minutes has the following special features. When sharing on Facebook, the next sees a version of which is one thousandth of a second smaller. The process continues as long as this is shared on Facebook. At the end, the film will be reduced so that it consists of a single frame, and that this would be for notification too. The idea is tha
Turkish men take to the streets and utilize social media, posting themselves wearing skirts to protest sexual violence and assault. When Özgecan Aslan was mutilated and murdered for resisting rape in her home country of Turkey, enraged citizens – both male and female – banded together to protest the acceptance of sexual violence and assault. – Magazine.Good.Is Women have been recounting their own stories of personal assault by raising awareness through social media platforms, s
The Global Marijuana March (GMM) is an annual rally held at different locations across the planet. It refers to cannabis-related events that occur on the first Saturday in May, or thereabouts, and may include marches, meetings, rallies, raves, concerts, festivals and information tables. The Global Marijuana March also goes by the name of the Million Marijuana March (MMM). It began in 1999.Hundreds of thousands of people have participated in over 829 different cities in 72 countries worldwide
The Department of Justice and the FBI are pursuing a ‘multi-subject long-term’ investigation of the open-information website, court documents reveal The US government is conducting an active, long-term criminal investigation intoWikiLeaks, a federal judge has confirmed in court documents. Five years after Julian Assange and his team began publishing the massive dump of US state secrets leaked by an army intelligence analyst, two wings of the Department of Justice and the FBI remain eng
A creative company in California called Reduce. Reuse. Grow has designed a coffee cup that is not only biodegradable, but even has seeds in its walls so that it can be planted and grown! The cups, which are currently part of a Kickstarter campaign, will have seeds embedded in their walls based on their locations. Participating stores will encourage people to plant the cups themselves or to return them to be planted by the company.     More info: |
This week, journalist Barrett Brown was sentenced to 63 months in federal prison for reporting on information that was revealed in hacked documents. Brown has spent the past two years in prison awaiting his trail, so he still has 35 months of his term left to serve. Federal investigators accused Brown of being a “spokesperson for anonymous” simply for reporting on information that they hacked and being loosely supportive of them. In a powerful statement released just after his sentenci
After the carnage at the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo,  Anonymous "declared war" on jihadists saying that they will attack to all of their websites. The video of hackers-activists uploaded on their Belgian account with the following description:"a message to Al-Qaida, the Islamic State and other terrorists." The clip shows a man with mask and altered voice while underneath there is the hashtag #OpCharlieHebdo, which means operation Charlie Hebdo. "Preac
Millions March protest is anticipated to be massive, with hundreds of thousands of people marching in solidarity for Eric Garner and all other unarmed black men killed by police.     Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at Live form NYC Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream NYC Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream Saint Louis Missouri Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream LA California Broad
Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of New York City on Wednesday after a grand jury decided not to indict New York Police Department (NYPD) officer Daniel Pantaleo over the death of African-American Eric Garner. Protesters carried banners reading, "Black lives matter," and chanted slogans as they encountered police. A total of 83 people were arrested, most for disorderly conduct, the NYPD said. Eric Garner died July 17 after Pantaleo put him in a chokehold as multiple NYPD offic
By George Rachiotis, Truth Inside Of You author, Well, I have been motivated from yesterday’s events, to write a small article about those things that have made the (new) Greeks (citizens, politicians, journalists and others) not having a clue about whatever is happening in their daily lives. (read this post listening to the beautiful song "Greco Maskara" that describes with humor the whole political-journal-social system in Greece)   I’m obviously referring to “Technical
The Maldives is a group of tropical islands in the Indian Ocean characterized by hot and damp weather conditions. With little variation from the average temperature of 25 C throughout the year, yet with lovely oceanic swells that sweep the nation, it has gotten into the spotlight of the worldwide surfing community. The Maldives is great for parasailing and windsurfing as well. Those islands are considered one of the best spots in the world for surfing and diving.  But this paradise hides a filt
Shambhavi Sinha , Truth Inside Of You Cardiovascular diseases or illness was once considered a seniority infirmity. However, in current times it has turned into a typical way of lifestyle concern.  Statistics show that the rate of heart diseases in South East Asia is double than it is in Western continents. While an individual's heredity demeanor and family history stay as the most widely recognized, larger part of heart sickness may be brought on because of controllable components like c
Everyday we walk past homeless people and we act like we don't see them or even ignore them completely.Homeless people are human beings too with feelings , past and suprising stories. Rethink Homelessness, an initiative to awaken the community of Central Florida about who the homeless really are.The shelters, streets, and forests are being filled with families barely surviving in silence. Living in tents in forests or using cars as temporary homes is the new reality for so many Central
Massive “hacktivist” operations or “ops” have been targeting the Israeli government since the beginning of the most recent War on Gaza and you will not learn this by the mainstream media. Now, this new round has set Anonymous sights on the Israeli government for an even more focused reason. The massive hack comes in retaliation for various Anonymous social media accounts being shut down for reporting on the deaths of Gazan civilians. Some of the Israeli government websites hit include
Berlin Woke Up, Now What About Your City? In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Berlin Germany to cover the expanding and growing resistance moment. This event took place on July 19th and brought together over 5,000 people from all over Germany. This is a video of the people there and the message they have to you. Source : We Are Change
Greenpeace needs no introduction. For over 30 years, the organization gives a multifaceted struggle to prevent and cure the major environmental problems facing on our planet. Greenpeace - Protecting the natural environment At international level, Greenpeace strives for permanent cessation of nuclear testing and the use of weapons of mass destruction, the rescue of ancient forests, the implementation of the ban on whaling and the protection of oceans, biodiversity conservation and ban t
[showads ad=first] With the lessons learned from the Egyptian, Libyan, and Syrian revolutions, a few hardware and software hackers over at Lulzlabs have taken it upon themselves to create a free-as-in-beer and free-as-in-speech digital communications protocol that doesn’t deal with expensive, highly-surveilled commercial and government controlled infrastructure. They call it Airchat, and it’s an impressive piece of work if you don’t care about silly things like ‘laws’. Before goi
[showads ad=first] ‘Legal malware’ produced by the Italian firm Hacking Team can take total control of your mobile phone. That’s according to Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab and University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab(which also obtained a user manual). Operating since 2001, the Milan-based Hacking Team employs over 50 people and offers clients the ability to “take control of your targets and monitor them regardless of encryption and mobility," while “keeping an eye on all your t
Books have been written about [US] President Eisenhower’s famous farewell warning in 1961 about the “military-industrial complex,” and what he described as its “unwarranted influence.” But an even greater leviathan today, one that the public knows little about, is the “intelligence-industrial complex.” – Michael Hirsh, National Journal In our interconnected global digital society, there appears to be no escape from the issue of Global Digital Surveillance. Regardless of nati
In a futuristic take on pedestrian transportation, these sidewinding circular skates give users the sensation of “skateboarding” — minus the board. Riders simply place their feet inside the pair of rings, standing on pedal-like platforms that rotate inside the circles on tracks. The concept is straightforward enough, but riders must apply an impeccable sense of balance to propel themselves forward. A rod can connect the two rings to stabilize beginners. “Riders simply place their fe
A MAMMOTH asteroid capable of wiping out an entire country is on a near-collision course with Earth, it has emerged. The 1,000-metre wide monster will hurtle terrifyingly close to the planet within days, sparking fears of an unprecedented disaster. The object called ‘2014-YB35’ is almost the same size as Ben Nevis and will skim the Earth on FRIDAY travelling at more than 23,000 mph. Small meteorites often pass close by however one of this size is a once in 5,000-year occurrenc
One theory for dark energy suggests the universe may not expand forever, but instead collapse in a “big crunch,” after which time ceases to exist. Now, according to a new study, this could happen much sooner than anyone expected—although still on the order of billions of years away.​ For nearly a century, cosmologists have been obsessed with the question of whether gravity will eventually cause the universe to collapse in on itself in a reversal of the Big Bang, or if it will expand f
The stigma against napping is finally starting to decrease — and for good reason. Taking a timeout to sleep during the day does much more than just give us a quick energy boost. It also confers some serious health and cognitive advantages as well. Here's what the latest science tells us.  Unlike 85% of all mammalian species, humans sleep just once a day. Scientists aren't sure if we're naturally monophasic (as opposed to polyphasic) or if it's modern society that has made us so. Regard
Memory can be a playful thing. It collects minute details from childhood events, yet leaves us wondering where we left our keys. There are several types of memories, and the brain has a unique way of forgetting each kind. Psychologists have classified various ways by which we forget, and biologists have studied forgetting mechanisms at the cellular level. They've found that forgetting is normal, and actually vital to how the brain works. Here is a look at the strange facts about how pe
German speakers are likely to imagine where this woman is going and English speakers to focus on her journey, but bilinguals may be able to have it both ways. Where did the thief go? You might get a more accurate answer if you ask the question in German. How did she get away? Now you might want to switch to English. Speakers of the two languages put different emphasis on actions and their consequences, influencing the way they think about the world, according to a new study. The work also f
There are two types of pole shift. The terrestrial kind is where the land masses actually move from their current positions to new ones sometimes thousands of kilometers away. Then there’s magnetic pole shift, a flip in the Earth’s magnetic field where the north and south poles exchange places. Adam Maloof, associate professor of geosciences at Princeton University has believed in terrestrial pole shift since his student days. Years of research has not fully proven that terrestria
In the quest for renewable energy some ideas are wackier than others. This pee-powered toilet created by researchers at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) converts urine into electricity might just be crazy enough to work. Professor Ioannis Ieropoulos, project leader and director of the university’s Bristol BioEnergy Center, said the urinal uses microbial fuel cell stacks to convert the urine into electricity that powers the restroom’s electric lights. “We ha
Mythbusters wanted to make an episode about how trackable and hackable RFID chips were. Sounds amazing? Everyone would’ve learned more about the technology that's invisibly invading our lines. But, nope. Credit Card companies banned them.   Source: whydontyoutrythis Video Source: youtube
Stacey Zoern has been wheelchair bounded her whole life. She got tired of not being able to get to work, or even the movies by herself and to always have to rely on others when she wanted to go somewhere. So far, Not much has been available on the market for people like Stacy, So she began searching, and came across the Kenguru, A little Electric wheel chair friendly vehicle. She contacted the manufacturer in and found out that the company h
Nowadays, math skills are on a steady decline because almost everyone has a calculator on their phone. But there was a time when we didn't all have calculators in our pockets, when math was actually something you had to learn. See below a list of 9 simple tricks you can use to figure out complex math problems without a calculator. These tricks will definitely amaze or even shock your friends! 1. How to Multiply Large Numbers in Your Head 2. How to Figure Out Multiples of 9 3. Multiples
Last year, a group of researchers from the Syracuse University Lava Project decided to see just what would happen is you mixed a huge block of ice and 660 pounds (300 kg) of lava. The team, led by geologist Jeff Karson (in collaboration with Bob Wysocki, a sculptor), went a step further by melting their own basaltic lava, a move that allowed them to mimic lava in its natural environment, like the conditions found atop the summits of snow-capped mountains where volcanic vents lie (like in Ic
No, this isn't a make-believe place. It's real. They call it "Ball's Pyramid." It's what's left of an old volcano that emerged from the sea about 7 million years ago. A British naval officer named Ball was the first European to see it in 1788. It sits off Australia, in the South Pacific. It is extremely narrow, 1,844 feet high, and it sits alone. What's more, for years this place had a secret. At 225 feet above sea level, hanging on the rock surface, there is a small, spindly lit
Earth's landmasses were not always what they are today. Continents formed as Earth's crustal plates shifted and collided over long periods of time. This video shows how today's continents are thought to have evolved over the last 600 million years, and where they'll end up in the next 100 million years. Paleogeographic Views of Earth's History provided by Ron Blakey, Professor of Geology, Northern Arizona University.   Source: youtube via truth-code
The total solar eclipse of March 20 will also coincide with the Spring Equinox. This rare event will only occur three more times this century – in 2034, 2053 and 2072 – and not at all in the next. Further, the moon on the night of the 19th will be a supermoon, when it is at the closest point in its orbit to the earth. The eclipse will occur at 9:46 Universal Time (which is nearly but not exactly the same as Greenwich Mean Time). It will not be visible in North America, as it will be n
“There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.” This statement (worldview statement) was by Lord Kelvin in 1900, which was shattered only five years later when Einstein published his paper on special relativity. The new theories proposed by Einstein challenged the current (at that time) framework of understanding. This forced the scientific community to open up to an alternate view of the true nature of our reality. A great examp
Neatorama is happy to bring you some of the interesting images from the book Cannabis Under The Microscope: A Visual Exploration of Medicinal Sativa and C. Indica by Ford McCann. The ebook is available for all Kindle devices and applications from Amazon. You’ve seen plenty of pictures of marijuana buds, plants, and crops on the web. Ford McCann wanted a closer look, down to the microscopic level. Images at that level are amazingly otherworldly, definitely artistic, and well worth sharing. T
I didn't know the universe could do this stuff. I'd try to explain it, but this video does a way better job than I ever could. Enjoy.... Source: Credits: nature video
by Christina Sarich One of the brains behind Tesla motors and Paypal, Tesla Motors CEO and entrepreneur Elon Musk has a new invention up his sleeve that will help power homes at low cost, and it will make living off-grid easier than ever. A Florida woman had to stand up to a local judge to continue living off grid when he declared it illegal, but if millions of people start to live more self-sufficiently and sustainably, what will the corrupt judiciary say then? Musk’s new inven
This list shows the average of the rates of intelligence ....  in every country. For those who don't know, Singapore appears on the list that has the highest score by an average of 108. Countries are ranked from highest to lowest national IQ score. Rank Country % 1 Singapore 108 2 South Korea 106 3 Japan 105 4 Italy 102 5 Iceland 101 5 Mongolia 101 6 Switzerland 101 7 Austria 100 7 China 100 7 Luxembourg 100 7 Netherlands 100 7 Norway 100 7 United
The ancient statues that Islamic State militants smashed in Mosul on camera last month have been proved to be exact replicas of precious artifacts of Iraqi heritage. The real masterpieces of antiquity are said to be in Baghdad. “They were copies. The originals are all here,” Baghdad’s museum director told Germany’s Deutsche Welle. The head of the antiquity department in Iraq’s cultural heritage authority, Fawzye al-Mahdi, also told the German broadcaster that “none” of the ar
With all of the police brutality throughout the United States – especially in the past year – many have wondered if (or when) there might be a breaking point. Yesterday police officers in Ferguson, Missouri were shot by a sniper on a hilltop near the Ferguson Police Department. While denounced by nearly everyone, some – like hip hop musician Method Man of the Wu Tang Clan, described this as a sort of “chickens coming home to roost” situation. In his words, however, he said the police h
“Tesla was right and we are ready to prove it!” So say the two Russian physicists who have just launched an Indiegogo campaign to rebuild Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower in Fall, 2014. Tesla believed that the tower could transmit power wirelessly but this was never definitively proven in his lifetime. If he was right, and after extensive study the team are convinced he was, the project could provide an efficient, worldwide energy transmission system that would distribute all the clean
A creative company in California called Reduce. Reuse. Grow has designed a coffee cup that is not only biodegradable, but even has seeds in its walls so that it can be planted and grown! The cups, which are currently part of a Kickstarter campaign, will have seeds embedded in their walls based on their locations. Participating stores will encourage people to plant the cups themselves or to return them to be planted by the company.     More info: |
Scientists in northern Russia have discovered four new giant craters of an unknown origin in the Yamal Peninsula. Moreover, the appearance of one of the craters was preceded by a bright flash of light, which was witnessed by some of the local inhabitants. In fact, it’s not the first time large craters appear in the Yamal Peninsula. Last year, three of them were found in the area, which led to heated discussions as to what caused these mysterious formations to appear in the ground. Possible
Draco volans, or the Flying Dragon, is a member of the genus of gliding lizards Draco. It can spread out folds of skin attached to its movable ribs to form "wings" that it uses to glide from tree to tree over distances upwards of 8 metres (25 feet); however, like all modern reptiles, it lacks the ability to sustain powered flight, and is capable only of gliding. Its wings are brightly coloured with orange, red and blue spots and stripes, and they provide camouflage when folded. The flying dra
The sudden death of a 12-year-old girl in Waukesha, Wisconsin, just hours after receiving the HPV Gardasil vaccine has shocked the girl’s family, and sent local media out asking questions as to how this could happen. Here is a report from WISN 12 News. Dr. Geoffrey Swain of the local health department was interviewed to give the standard CDC reply, which is similar to almost every other vaccine, stating that severe reactions like this resulting in death are “very rare,” and about
Imagine if the US Congress agreed to make higher education tuition-free and funded it by increasing taxes on corporations. Pure fantasy, right? Well the government of Chile is doing just that. Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has made overhauling the nation’s education system a key goal of her administration. “In March 2016 we will start with free higher education now that we have the resources,” said Rodrigo Peñailillo, Chile's Minister of Interior in early December follo
The large drop in temperature has broken hundreds records this winter, making February one of  the coldest months in US history. In Massachusetts though, has so cold that even the waves begin to freeze.  These incredible images of frozen waves ... snapped by surfers Jonathan Nimerfro in Nantucket, Massachusetts.  He took his camera when he noticed that the horizon seemed strange. He fast realised that the board had caught ice. Even though spring officially enters in Sunday, forecasters
The deadliest drug in America is legal in all 50 states, and it's significantly more dangerous than a range of illegal substances much more heavily regulated and policed.According to research recently published in Scientific Reports and spotted by the Washington Post, alcohol is approximately 114 times more dangerous than marijuana, which remains the only federally controlled substance that has never caused a death by overdose. The authors of the study assessed the "comparative risk" of death
Have you ever been curious of the supernatural? Do you like hearing about strange sightings like the loch ness monster or Big Foot if, so you might be in for a treat! On February 18th, reports began flooding social media of strange lights of Lake Winnipeg.  ”UFO crash reported on the Jack head Reserve in Manitoba, Canada. Apparently the Canadian Military have vehicles lined up on north shore. They are threatening anybody who tries to take pics…lots of eye witnesses. Thur is round object b
A few days after the match formalization  of Manny Pacquiao with the Floyd Meϊgoyeder and with tickets (valued at $ 5.060-26,500) to have sold out in the first three minutes of the time allocated to purchase online, the serial has begun!In ABS-CBN, the Pak-Man  stated about rumors that the mother of battles will be his last race, "We are close. We will announce it." After five years of negotiations that tempted to wreck the two sides came to an agreement and on May 2 at the MGM Grand, Las Ve
The famous British professor Stephen Hawking, in his speech at the Natural History Museum, London, gave his perspective on the future of humanity and the biggest failure to date. According to British professor whose life recently became a movie ('The Theory of Everything'), "If I could correct a disadvantage of humanity, that would be aggression, which can be considered a plus for cavemen, with regard to finding food, securing housing and mating , but now threatens all of extinction. "
Car dealers fear Tesla. In states across the country, powerful car dealer associations have lobbied to ensure the electric car maker and its direct-sales model are kept out. This movement claimed another victory this week when New Jersey banned Tesla stores in the state. On the surface, the fear is hard to fathom. In New Jersey, for instance, sales of Tesla's $70,000 Model S reportedly number in the hundreds. But if you dig a little deeper, it becomes obvious why dealers are worried. They do
A special examination recently occurred in the Meander Medical Center. A nearly 1,000 year old mummy received a CT scan and had samples taken with an endoscope. Several hospital employees helped with this unique project in their free time. The leader of this study is the Amersfoort resident Erik Bruijn, an expert in the field of Buddhist art and culture and guest curator at the World Museum in Rotterdam. Gastrointestinal and liver doctor Reinoud Vermeijden and radiologist Ben Heggelm
An unknown radio signal, which may have come from a black hole, colliding neutron stars (or – for those who ‘believe’ – alien life), has been picked up by astronomers live for the first time ever. Its origins remain mysterious.The fast radio bursts are quick, bright flashes of radio waves that last only milliseconds, but still emit as much energy as the sun in an entire day. This is the first time that these radio waves have been spotted live. The first burst was picked up in 2007 by
"The Chernobyl is one of the most dangerous and also interesting places I have visited," says photographer Danny Cooke. The nuclear disaster that took place in 1986 affected a huge number of people, among them was the family of Cooke, when they lived in Italy. During his stay there, says he met incredible people, one of whom was the driver, the Yevgein, aka «Stalker». They spent one week together exploring the area and the nearby, now abandoned city of Prypiat.These places were both "
The M60-UCD1, discovered by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in 2013, is one of the smallest known galaxies. But now the space agency has discovered that the dwarf galaxy is harboring a “monster” black hole. The diameter of M60-UCD1 is about 300 light years – just 1/500th of our galaxy’s width. However, it is packed with 140 million stars, which also makes it one of the densest galaxies. For comparison, NASA explains, the nighttime sky we see from Earth’s surface shows 4,000 stars.
The Washington Post, calls on the Germans to look at their own financial past coping with the Greek crisis. The author of the article, titled "In Greek crisis, Germany should learn from its fiscal past", Harold Meyerson, says it would be a disaster for Germany, strategically and financially, if Greece was obliged to abandon its debts and to come out of the Eurozone. As he points out, such a move would threaten the very existence of the union. The journalist compares the government of SYRIZA t
This week, journalist Barrett Brown was sentenced to 63 months in federal prison for reporting on information that was revealed in hacked documents. Brown has spent the past two years in prison awaiting his trail, so he still has 35 months of his term left to serve. Federal investigators accused Brown of being a “spokesperson for anonymous” simply for reporting on information that they hacked and being loosely supportive of them. In a powerful statement released just after his sentenci

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