November 15, 2014

Truth Inside Of You

We have to cultivate and develop a great attitude, and we can change the world through this..How?The video showed an Asian community, with large numbers of people craving the rugged setting. If one isn't eating, the other would be smoking and so on.., one will think they’ll have the same mindset, but that's not true. There was a guy that sat alongside the road, so quiet and focused, looking at the dramas on the street. He stood up just after a vehicle passed by, while the drive dropped dirt
We'll are looking for something, we’ll are looking for hope. Hope we can never attain because we were born with it. Again, we were born with pain, and difficulties that you sometimes feel like going away from close ones, as depicted from the video. We have a choice in our life; we have a chance, thereby we don't need to be angry for what we do not have but to appreciate what you possess.  Opportunities are provided, and can only be discovered through your mind, (what you feel about any sit
Each of us has felt lonely and broken at least once in our lives. In such moments we are in a strong need of support and the warmth of human contact. But what to do if there is nobody around to give you a hug? It seems that there is a service that can satisfy this need. Samantha Hess from Portland, Oregon, has opened a “professional cuddling shop”, where customers can pay $60 per hour to get “the level of human contact that we want or need in order to be our optimal selves.” The shop
NFL star Jason Brown has quit playing football professionally, and now spends his days as a farmer, who harvests free food for the hungry. Jason Brown was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft, and played college football at North Carolina. On February 28, 2009, Brown signed a five-year deal with the St. Louis Rams that was worth $37.5 million, and included a $20 million guarantee. At the time, the deal made Brown the highest paid center in the NFL. O
This is a motivational video that talk about living more than what life has to offer. Just as we see the guy on the skyscraper, and came the question "if you die today, what talents, what stories, and what voice will die with you". A lot of people heads to work every day, and all they can afford is to talk and think about how miserable they are and they aren’t doing anything about it. You just feel something within you, that you are not leaving up to what you wish, or comfortable with t
By Jeff Rogers, Truth Inside Of You Guest Jim Carrey is a well-known jokester. By now, his kooky public antics have come to be expected from the 52 year old Canadian-born actor. In his latest public appearance, seen November 14th on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Carrey decided to let the viewers in on some big secrets, the inner-Hollywood workings of the Illuminati. In a grand entrance, Carrey comes forward on Kimmel’s stage making an obvious and in-your-face hand gesture, as seen in the image
Here comes another great video, poised to motivate you towards the path of success. We can see from the video, an old man lying on the bed, almost about to die. He was old, and the skin wasn't looking anyway young too, while all the potentials where masked before him; about thousands of them. All the potentials, ideas, gifts talents, and ability that he never acted on nor used began to murmur that they came to the man, but he never made use of them and as a result, they will die with him!
No matter the number of times you have tried, you can't help it; you just have to get back up! Shown in this video are people from all forms of life, in different areas and field. Definitely there may be some situations in your life that you will feel down; you seem not to have the strength to back up. Even of you try hundred times, that shouldn't stop you from getting back up. The weight lifter that have failed in pushing the milestone set before him, a small boy on the bed thinking of ho
Have you ever imagined what you can do with just a piece of chalk? Check out what this little kid did with just a piece of chalk. As he on his knees in a large empty building, drawing something on the floor, and at the same time visioning himself queitly twising his meal on a table when his parents where busy querelling. Immediately the parents shouted at him during his meal, and came to his senses in the building. He also envisioned himself in his class, while preparing for class, came a
Your blood group type can reveal your personality. Bright and dark aspects of your personality. Let’s have a look that what blood types possess which kind of qualities for any person and which blood type is compatible to another. BLOOD TYPE O Type O’s are outgoing, and very social. They are initiators, although they don’t always finish what they start. Creative and popular, they love to be the center of attention and appear very self confident. BLOOD TYPE A While outwardly calm
Mike Sygula, Truth Inside Of You Guest, It is 2014 and we have just learned from theLiving Planet Report (1) published by the Worldwide Fund For Nature that over a period of 40 years from 1970 to 2010 the populations of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish have declined by 52% due to human environmental impact. Well done, human race! Great job! “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live” –Albert Einstein We also know that one
By Jeff Roberts, Truth Inside Of You Guest, Mara Howell was in pain, the type of pain so severe it found her bedridden in a hospital at 33 years old. Cancer was killing her. Conventional pain killers weren’t providing any relief. She tried them all, opioids, methadone, IV ethanol, and more, but to no avail. On top of the physical pain, Mara was also battling severe depression and anxiety. Mara’s mother, Marilyn Howell, recalls her daughter’s struggles in a memoir published for MA
“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.  It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein “This morning, nearly five years after my husband’s passing, a beautiful couple and their three kids knocked on my front door.  The man smiled and said, “Your husband was my heart donor.  He saved my life.  Not a single day has gone by that I don’t pray for him and think of you.  Thank you!” This is the opening paragraph right out of
Arjun Walia, Collective-Evolution.Truth Inside Of You Guest. “Consciousness creates reality,” a statement that has gained a lot of attention across various alternative media outlets around the world. Make no mistake, consciousness has (and has been for quite sometime) studied by numerous scientists, especially in its relation to quantum physics and how it might be correlated with the nature of our reality. What is consciousness? Consciousness includes a number of things. It’s how w
“Silence is a source of great strength.” ~Lao Tzu For over two years I spent one out of every four weeks in silence. At the time I was living at a Zen Monastery and every month we would have a week-long silent retreat. During this retreat we sat meditation in silence, ate in silence, worked in silence, and only communicated through hand gestures and written notes. At first living like this was hard, but over time I learned to grow to appreciate silence. By the time I left I learned
What is the Third Eye? The third eye is our ability to see what might be, to see potential. Everyone has access to his or her third eye. For example, when you have a hunch and act on it, you’ve used your third eye. But that’s only the beginning. Your third eye is a sense, one you can develop to be more refined and accurate than just being a hunch. The Third Eye is a natural part of every person. One way to think of it is as a “meta” organ that consist
More studies continue to surface proving that a regular meditation practice will reduce stress, improve physical and mental health, and even help with the most debilitating mental disorders. Dan Harris explains the neuroscience behind meditation and makes some strong predictions about the role that meditation will play in society over the next few decades. Whichever method you choose to practice, just remember that it takes a daily commitment to perfect and see true benefits of meditation, altho
By Steven Bancarz, Truth Inside Of You Guest A lot of people are resistant to the idea of a “soul” because of how this term has gotten wrapped up in religious superstition and dogma. Some people think it is outright silly. But the concept of consciousness being able to detach from the body offers a lot of explanatory power when it comes to phenomenon such as Near Death Experiences, Out-Of-Body Experiences, astral projections, and even reincarnation. In fact, the evidence for reincarnation
Manel Blanco, Truth Inside Of You Guest Writter. For too many centuries and up to the present moment, women have been like footnotes in history books that no one bothered to read. Confined to a secondary role, they have been cast aside to serve the needs of society and men. In the present era circumstances have changed as there seems to be a gradual movement towards equality; but we are not there yet. We are still far from reaching the necessary level which would guarantee the balance benefic
By Stan Pauler, Truth Inside Of You. The world is loaded with lots of things that can take peace and stillness out of the mind of humanity. With oodles of bad news on the internet, billboard, radio and television one hardly find reason to be happy. For that reason, inner peace is now the special and rare treasure everyone is looking for both young and old. But while most people are searching for peace in different places little did they know that the peace they are searching for simply lies w
Hezbollah urged the Syrian opposition to engage in dialogue with Assad's regime, but they refused. Hezbollah leader Sayyid Nasrallah confirmed this in his first interview in 6 years, the world premiere of Julian Assange's 'The World Tomorrow' on RT. Credits: RT  
Slavoj Zizek and David Horowitz are the guests for the second episode of Julian Assange's interview show, "The World Tomorrow". "Intellectual superstar" Slavoj Zizek is a philosopher, psychoanalyst and cultural commentator. David Horowitz is a renowned stalwart of hardline conservative American political thought and an unrepentant Zionist. The tone of the conversation between Zizek, Horowitz and Assange alternated between combative, personal and good-humoured. The topics covered jumped ba
In meditation, what is the place of search? Can one bring about order without understanding disorder?Is control necessary for order? Why do we need control when there is understanding of "what it is"?Can a petty mind experience anything other than its own projections and activities?To see clearly, musn't the ind be quiet?If you see this extraordinary thing going on in your life, then it is everything. Then you are the teacher, the student, the beauty of the cloud and that is love. J
One Night Stand is an HBO stand-up series that first aired on February 15, 1989. The half-hour series aired weekly and featured stand-up comedy specials from some of the top performing comedians. The series originally comprised 55 specials over the course of its four years on HBO. Comedians who performed One Night Stand's include Bill Hicks, Bill Maher, Colin Quinn, Dom Irrera, Gilbert Gottfried, Norm Macdonald, Eddie Griffin, Martin Lawrence, D.L. Hughley, Damon Wayans, Larr
In the third episode of The World Tomorrow Julian Assange speaks with Tunisia's first post-revolution leader Moncef Marzouki about the West's double standards in protecting human rights. He is a former human rights activist. During the reign of the previous President he was imprisoned and kept in solitary confinement, which he considers to be torture. Once elected Head of State, he has vowed to put an end to human rights violations in Tunisia.Marzouki recalls how he was invited to the US to talk
In the fourth episode of The World Tomorrow Julian Assange speaks with two leading Arab revolutionaries in the middle of conflict, Alaa Abd El-Fattah from Egypt and Nabeel Rajab from Bahrain. Alaa Abd El-Fattah is a long time Egyptian blogger, programmer and political activist. His parents were human rights campaigners under Anwar Sadat; his sister Mona Seif became a Twitter star during the 2011 Egyptian revolution, and is a founder of the No Military Trials for Civilians group formed under
We all naturally assume that we are being well reasoned in our decision making, right? In fact, it can be argued that to some degree, such associative causal logic is inherently inescapable, effectively wired into our brains with respect to how we interpret and link our experiences. Yet, it's that very issue of degree that appears to be where the problems arise. As all too often, the foundational premises upon which we frame our conclusions are indeed utterly faulty, or without proper evidence t
[showads ad=first] David Icke presents: 'Big Brother's Not Coming - He's Here' at the Oxford Union Debating Society in February 2008. In this two-hour presentation at the famous Oxford Union, he encapsulates humanity's current plight and how we can secure our freedom from the Hidden Hand behind global events. It is designed to be a simple introduction to the staggering revelations that he has long exposed in detail in his books. If you want to know what is really happening in your worl
The 5th episode of The World Tomorrow takes us to the very heart of America's War on Terror: Guantanamo Bay. In the episode Julian Assange speaks with Moazzam Begg - former Gitmo prisoner and a rights campaigner fighting for those still trapped behind the wire, and Asim Qureshi - former corporate lawyer, whose human rights organization Cageprisoners Ltd exists solely to raise awareness of the plight of prisoners who remain in Guantanamo Bay.
Julian Assange talks to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa. Correa is a left wing populist who has changed the face of Ecuador. But unlike his predecessors he holds a Ph.D. in economics. According to US embassy cables, Correa is the most popular President in Ecuador's democratic history. But in 2010 he was taken hostage in an attempted coup d'etat. He blames the coup attempt on corrupt media and has launched a controversial counter-offensive. Correa says the media defines what reforms
By George Rachiotis, Truth Inside Of You author, Well, I have been motivated from yesterday’s events, to write a small article about those things that have made the (new) Greeks (citizens, politicians, journalists and others) not having a clue about whatever is happening in their daily lives. (read this post listening to the beautiful song "Greco Maskara" that describes with humor the whole political-journal-social system in Greece)   I’m obviously referring to “Technical
The Maldives is a group of tropical islands in the Indian Ocean characterized by hot and damp weather conditions. With little variation from the average temperature of 25 C throughout the year, yet with lovely oceanic swells that sweep the nation, it has gotten into the spotlight of the worldwide surfing community. The Maldives is great for parasailing and windsurfing as well. Those islands are considered one of the best spots in the world for surfing and diving.  But this paradise hides a filt
Shambhavi Sinha , Truth Inside Of You Cardiovascular diseases or illness was once considered a seniority infirmity. However, in current times it has turned into a typical way of lifestyle concern.  Statistics show that the rate of heart diseases in South East Asia is double than it is in Western continents. While an individual's heredity demeanor and family history stay as the most widely recognized, larger part of heart sickness may be brought on because of controllable components like c
Everyday we walk past homeless people and we act like we don't see them or even ignore them completely.Homeless people are human beings too with feelings , past and suprising stories. Rethink Homelessness, an initiative to awaken the community of Central Florida about who the homeless really are.The shelters, streets, and forests are being filled with families barely surviving in silence. Living in tents in forests or using cars as temporary homes is the new reality for so many Central
Massive “hacktivist” operations or “ops” have been targeting the Israeli government since the beginning of the most recent War on Gaza and you will not learn this by the mainstream media. Now, this new round has set Anonymous sights on the Israeli government for an even more focused reason. The massive hack comes in retaliation for various Anonymous social media accounts being shut down for reporting on the deaths of Gazan civilians. Some of the Israeli government websites hit include
Berlin Woke Up, Now What About Your City? In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Berlin Germany to cover the expanding and growing resistance moment. This event took place on July 19th and brought together over 5,000 people from all over Germany. This is a video of the people there and the message they have to you. Source : We Are Change
[showads ad=first] Greenpeace needs no introduction. For over 30 years, the organization gives a multifaceted struggle to prevent and cure the major environmental problems facing on our planet. Greenpeace - Protecting the natural environment At international level, Greenpeace strives for permanent cessation of nuclear testing and the use of weapons of mass destruction, the rescue of ancient forests, the implementation of the ban on whaling and the protection of oceans, biodiversity cons
[showads ad=first] With the lessons learned from the Egyptian, Libyan, and Syrian revolutions, a few hardware and software hackers over at Lulzlabs have taken it upon themselves to create a free-as-in-beer and free-as-in-speech digital communications protocol that doesn’t deal with expensive, highly-surveilled commercial and government controlled infrastructure. They call it Airchat, and it’s an impressive piece of work if you don’t care about silly things like ‘laws’. Before goi
[showads ad=first] ‘Legal malware’ produced by the Italian firm Hacking Team can take total control of your mobile phone. That’s according to Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab and University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab(which also obtained a user manual). Operating since 2001, the Milan-based Hacking Team employs over 50 people and offers clients the ability to “take control of your targets and monitor them regardless of encryption and mobility," while “keeping an eye on all your t
Books have been written about [US] President Eisenhower’s famous farewell warning in 1961 about the “military-industrial complex,” and what he described as its “unwarranted influence.” But an even greater leviathan today, one that the public knows little about, is the “intelligence-industrial complex.” – Michael Hirsh, National Journal In our interconnected global digital society, there appears to be no escape from the issue of Global Digital Surveillance. Regardless of nati
This may seem to be common knowledge to most, but to what degree? Do people really see the depths and breadths these wicked conniving controllers are willing to stoop to in order to control the mass mind according to their greedy, parasitic intentions? Here are a few examples that will resonate and help plant your feet squarely in the camp of the observing enlightened. These exposures portray clearly what we’re witnessing daily in the constructed matricized world around us, and why we s
They say the eyes are a window to the soul, but they can also be a window to your genes. Did you know that no two people have the ‘exact’ same eye color? Or that every person with blue eyes can be traced back to the same ancestor that lived in the black sea region about 10,000 years ago? It’s true. Everyone alive today with blue eyes has a very specific DNA sequence. Some of you may already know that when babies are first born, they have no melanin in their eyes, thus giving them a
Since Einstein's death in 1955, scientists have been studying his brain. They have discovered some things that prove that his brain is actually different than the average brain. Their most interesting discovery was a very well developed corpus callosum: a super highway between the halves of your brain that allows your right and left hemispheres to talk to one another. This good connection between the two hemispheres may has contributed to Einstein's intelligence, according to a new study c
The ability to breathe underwater without oxygen tanks has long been a dream of humanity. Now it is very likely to become a reality, thanks to so-called Aquaman crystal, created by scientists from the University of Southern Denmark. It is a crystalline material that can absorb oxygen from the environment and store it so that it can be later released when and where required. The material was synthesized by Professor Christine McKenzie and postdoc Jonas Sundberg, who used X-ray diffraction to s
'Ebru' or 'Paper Marbling' is a really wonderful art based in liquid-science. The artist starts by by putting drops in the liquid. This is achieved by drawing with oil based inks on a water surface and then carefully placing a paper on the top for transferring the designs. The whole creation way and the result make this art totally psychedelic for me! Hope you enjoy! Source: Youtube Image Credits: private library
Nowadays, the art of tattooing is very popular at various ages. Tattoo is a body modification by inserting indelible ink under your skin. The types of tattoos are five, traumatic tattoos (or natural) caused by dust geting into wounds, amateur and professional tattoos that indicates a symbolism or the belonging in a group of people.Tattoos also used in cosmetic surgery and in medical treatment. SmarterEveryDay takes as a trip to a tattoo studio so you can have a slow motion, close-up to
Nikola Tesla is finally beginning to attract real attention and encourage serious debate nearly 70 years after his death.  Was he for real? A crackpot? Part of an early experiment in corporate-government control? We know that he was undoubtedly persecuted by the energy power brokers of his day — namely Thomas Edison, whom we are taught in school to revere as a genius.  He was also attacked by J.P. Morgan and other “captains of industry.” Upon Tesla’s death on January 7th, 1943, the
You're looking at a rabbit's heart beating outside the animal that once hosted it. It's alive, pumping blood on its own thanks to a revolutionary membrane that may save your life by keeping your heart beating at a perfect rate. The thin, circuit-lined stretchable membrane has been developed by scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Washington University in St. Louis and may arrive to human hearts in 10 to 15 years. They custom made it to precisely fit the shape of t
Since music is such a big part of our lives,  it would be interesting and useful to have a look at some of the ways we react to it without even realizing and how music benefits your brain.Of course, music affects many different areas of the brain, as you can see in the image below, so we’re only scratching the surface with this post, but let’s jump in. “Without music, life would be a mistake” - Friedrich Nietzsche 1. Happy/sad music affects how we see neutral faces We can usu
The weekend of July 25-27, 2014 – and the nights after that until the moon interferes – are great for going to a dark country location to watch the long, rambling Delta Aquarid meteor shower. The shower can be seen across the entire Earth, and sky watchers in the Southern Hemisphere and northern tropics have an especially good view. The shower is officially active from about July 12 to August 23 each year. It overlaps with the more famous Perseid meteor shower in August, and those who ob

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