5 Things A Narcissist Will Never Do.

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  1. Oj… Tror visst jag vet av några som är så..

  2. mais il n’a pas reusi. et ca me fait rire.

  3. Jo Razel says:

    I know someone..I mean somebody

  4. SHARED!!! Validates what I had always thought was wrong with my family and which I never bought-into, even from my earliest ages. But I was still messed-up inside…I just found I COULD function well with others and, most importantly, feel empathy for those in such horrific Situations.

  5. It is difficult to work for a boss who is one. Glad I left that job.

  6. Ashley Stone says:

    Good article. The part about my Birthday and Christmas is spot on.

  7. Joel Grasman says:

    SO SO TRUE…..!!!!!

  8. Ben there and I agree: Oh so true !

  9. And they won’t click this link!

  10. All people have a bit of narcissism in them.
    It’s a matter of degree.

  11. Evie Brown says:

    Uninformed article.

  12. Nira Milo says:

    I was married to one for 17 years. OMG this is so true word by word. I can attached a scenario to each example given.

  13. Sara Tincher says:

    Spot on! I have a special name for them “Toppers”

  14. probably why i beat both of mine. i never needed either of them. once the children were ok,, run like hell.

  15. Anyone who is a narcissist themself or knows a narcissist should read this post written by a woman who’s dating a narcissist. It’s EVERYTHING.

  16. 25 years of this
    Makes me sick I wasted my life with him
    I left and I’m happily remarried
    The girls hate their dad for the way he was. We are all so glad we’re out of the manipulation.