Narcissistic people

Why Narcissistic People Love To Ruin Birthdays And Holidays.

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  1. I should just shoot myself already.

  2. Cuz I’m a narsacist and I ruin everything

  3. I’m a holiday survivor of this! I never thought it was connected with the rest of the crap, but guess so. So… Enjoy your holidays folks! The Grinch’s heart grew, but the narcissist’s will not!

  4. This describes some people I know very well

  5. Alixe Dique says:

    This article about a Narcissistic abuser is truly wonderful and has freed me. My first husband is a Narcissistic personality and has caused so much grief, not just to me but many others

  6. Alixe Dique says:

    well this is probably true. You should take up growing vegetables, for your table

  7. Alixe Dique says:

    you weren’t

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