Emotional Abuse by Narcissistic Parents
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6 Types of Emotional Abuse by Narcissistic Parents

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  1. Linda Tobin says:

    Don’t EVER belittle a child.

  2. Karen Haddon says:

    my mom belittle me and now i cant tell you why she did it she came to my house one day and started critizing me i totally lost it i could not take much more i donyt think they ever loved me because parents dont do that

  3. Uberhaupt triest dat een narcist zich voort mag planten.

  4. Shawn Arstill says:

    I was adopted at birth. 1959 I was born bipolar. I had hip problems where my feet were positioned out like a penguin. the doctors back then told her it was my feet. she was told to turn the feet inward several times a day. I imagine the baby (me) probably cried up a painful storm. The bipolar’s head showed by making me cry at, literally, EVERYTHING. they, parents, used to say “someone just looks at you wrong and you cry, WHY?”. I was a kid, I didn’t know why. by the time I was 9 or 10 months old, I found out from my father in 2010 six months before he died, that my mother DID NOT LIKE THIS ADOPTED CHILD. she kept me in a crib in a room all alone for about 14 mo. until my father would come home then bring me out as if all was well. my brother was adopted when I was 14 mo. the attention then got brought out for him as he was “perfect”. the rest of my life was very interesting. I longed, crap still long for my mothers affection. i’d give almost anything to be accepted by her and actually feel some love. she is 82 now and it will never happen. I’ve asked her many times “what happened?” she replies with “you started PULLING AWAY from me when you were about a year old”. As far as I know there are only a few reasons a 12mo old child PULLS AWAY from their parent. anyone feel like talking? I’ve got 56 years of crap in me. my whole family has x-communicated me. none of them will have anything to do with me. they have all come to believe what my mother told my kindergarten teacher “there’s something wrong with shawn, she is just not right”. Welcome to my life guys….it’s not sexual abuse, at least from my parents, its not physical abuse however………………………. sometimes I feel guilty when I see and hear of those children that are beaten, sold, or just made into parents slaves and chained to a bed , etc but luckily my experiences turned me into an advocate for those that CANNOT help themselves, children and animals. not so much the adults cause well for some reason adult people are not my cup of tea. 🙂 my best to all.

  5. Lulu Hill says:

    So sad but see it often.

  6. Confrontatie.. de oorzaak van het dipje… verder weet ik wat het is

  7. Sunan Deen says:

    Imagine being raised by TWO narcissistic parents. Got into mental health profession because of them

  8. I feel sorry for the kid