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4 Reasons Why Christmas Is The Loneliest Day Of The Year.

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  1. Christine says:

    I have spent this Christmas alone.Away from my difficult family(left them behind in my natal country),I did met with my bf for a short period,but due to family we are not yet fully able to be together, live together.I had many stuff to do so my mind was busy .It didnt really feel like Christmas and its ok .If you look up the origins of this Holyday you wont ever make that much fuss about it.I enjoyed my peace of mind and my time to think about me my life, my plans and so on.I like to live on my own,away from drama and “not enlightened” people as I call them.I love to travel ,be in nature and take photos and help people.Trying to find a “job” that can revolve around my hobbies.I wish you all 2017 to be awesome and peacefull!

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