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World Champion Boxer Manny Pacquiao Builds 1,000 Homes For Poor Filipinos.

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  1. A reserva de profundizar en esta información, esta nota cambia mi apreciación de este Señor..

  2. Well done,Manny,you are the embodiment of charity and a wonderful example to people everywhere!If only more folk(especially money-grabbing,tax- dodging

  3. Marty Gray says:

    What a nice guy , a complete contrast to the rich war mongers who just keep blowing things up !

  4. Mary Verdon says:

    Good on ye .well done .

  5. May God energies your sole and heart man P

  6. still people whit good heart in this world!

  7. Cecilia Hill says:

    Great job! This is great news, it has no feed on the negative atmosphere of chaos and destruction that’s happening each day!

  8. Marty Gray says:

    The Vatican is worth trillions of dollars , if they were generous ( despite paying out millions of dollars because of pedophile priests ) there wouldn’t be a poor person on the planet let alone the Philippines

  9. Tinsae Berhe says:

    This is a man with heart & someone who understands humanity.

  10. Maybe the beneficiaries of those houses was his friends and relative, why not put it to raffle to those in need not to your paisanos.

  11. Daniel says:


  12. The news doesn’t tell you the good news, only the crappy bad stuff. Higher rating I guess. Kudos to this man.

  13. What is jehovah’s witness worth?

  14. Marty Gray says:

    I don’t know Walid , but we are registered by law as a non profit organisation & that’s what we honestly do , we build all our own halls & large assembly halls ourselves & are now even making professional videos , all volunteers , all our literature is free to us & the public . Nobody will ever ask anyone even for 1 cent . In the well off countries all excess money in the contribution boxes goes to help our missionaries & to help poorer countries with natural disaster relief & to help them have nice halls like we have . Please see

  15. KaMal Civil says:

    because of this reason , you are here ….:)

  16. Andrea Jean says:

    This is what uber rich people should be doing with some if their money.
    Instead of buying more and more and more stuff they never use.

  17. Why isn’t his Fascist Government doing a better job? Why in their traitorous short-comings have they relied upon celebrities to do _their duty_ to the citizenship and the helpless masses? The better question, instead of hounding the media and praising the band-aid, should be wondering the cause of the disease process that brought about the afflicted wound. _That_, “Truth Inside Of You,” should be the truth in you, you should be exploring further… Sad day for human intelligence on this FB page. 🙁

  18. Nope. Definitely not his neighbors or relatives. The beneficiaries were those people whose houses were destructed by the typhoon. 🙂

  19. Because our previous adminisitration were money grabing politicians and were run by drug Lords. But with the help of our new president Duterte and his administration I surely know that our funds and those that were donated by other countries will be used to restore houses and rebuild lives of the typhoon stricken filipinos. 🙂

  20. Sydney Beer says:

    If he was from usa it would be news all over the world.good for him to do that even if there are political motives

  21. Leon Overby says:

    Way to go Manny. Great contributor to society Thanks

  22. So, ummm, like a chicken in every Pol Pot type of promise and deal? Mass hysteria, delusion and hypnosis — have you heard of it… you daft, ignorant, pigling of a lemming? “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I can only hope you’re one day guilty of a crime that alienates you from the group and you beloved leader lovingly executes you for it… Have fun with that, sweetums.

  23. Thank you for the information, now I know he is not just a champion in the ring he is a man with good mission , GOD BLESS THIS CHAMP

  24. blessings be upon you, Mr. Pacquiao.

  25. Well done Manny.You have shown that you are a true patriot of your peopleAbig thank you on behalf of the beneficiaries.

  26. Interesting. Where did you find that /!


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