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Why We’re Attracted To People Who Are Wrong For Us

  • K Vijay Srinivas

    Nicely narrated the little self and the spiritual self. One who digs deep in himself or herself to know why we are here on earth for this short duration, to know the ways where we can keep our self happy selflessly and most importantly, to know that living is not just by living yourself alone but create an environment to have more people within your circle

  • Because opposites attract? ?

  • Wowza.. Stephen

  • Gül Filiz Ceran

  • Hoss Amsterdam

  • Katherine Schrama Rojas

  • Melissa Kman

  • Wow so true

  • great explanation…

  • Everything is correct. But there exists a simple feeling: missing. No higher self can help here. And we yet live in human bodies.

  • Souhair Lem

  • Ibrahim Abugabal

    Every one needs some one to complete the missing part of his /her soul this niot always inconstructive no matter anything else

  • Maybe, you aren’t who you think you are.

  • Teea Gallego

    I am a work in progress. I am learning to love myself. Again. I know I care alot about others. I have a big heart, I can empathize with others and pray alot about everything. I try to balance my needs with the needs of those I love and care about . Sometimes that’s the hardest part.

  • anybody think about you,as you think about you.

  • Good insights.

  • Karissa Echo Kisner this is totally worth reading. Explains a lot. Let me know what you think

  • Can’t like this cause I am always attracting the narcissistic sociopaths.

  • Abegail Atog namiss kta. naalala ko mga chikahan natin.

    • Imissyoutoo Anne… iba talaga ❤ to ❤ talks natin..

  • David Newcomer read this!

  • Uhm vacation does make me happier though. Lol

  • Isn’t it amazing,I think it’s a woman thing, they seem to go for the men that they fancy and not the one’s that fancy them which makes for incompatibility. Anyway it goes back to the old adage that women marry a man hoping to change him and men marry a girl hoping she will never change.

  • Way to over complicate it with western pop psychology — geniuses. Like most things, it’s evolutionary for a woman to ‘fix’ her daddy’s abusive issues through their pursuits of other men for the instictive survival of the species. Ever notice that women without bad or selfish father’s don’t have any issues at all with this topic? Get back to basics and understand what makes your ego, id, and super-ego function (or fail you.)

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