Obsessed with Sex

Why People are Obsessed With Sex

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  1. Adrian Sicop says:

    obviously because it feels so good. people would naturally prefer pleasure and avoid stress or pain .

  2. they are looking for quantity over quality, a quick ego boost.this leaves them feeling empty and still hungry, as there is little more to it than a passing moment of physical pleasure, with no real connection with their partner.intimacy is so much more than the sexual act.. this is what humans find most satisfaction from. anyone who does not is just following a basic animal instinct.try making love instead of imitating mating rabbits.

  3. Rita Taylor says:

    if u want sex, aim above the target for <3

  4. WJ King says:

    Same reason we climb mountains, because it’s there.

  5. Marty Gray says:

    What a sex mad world , and you wonder why so many people have got Aids , syphillis etc etc etc etc

  6. Some men are just special like you Victor and my Gil

  7. Kevin Leeds says:

    Also an important main side effect is the possibility of more babies

  8. never met a person with this obsession who had anything interesting to say, they need the sex to make their life interesting, or to give people the idea they might have an interesting life, but in fact those people are so dull, you never can have an interesting conversation with them, they’re so superficial, they probably get horney because that is the only part of their brain left working, waste of time…….Oh best part: they think they are so openminded!!! wel, if your mind is only open to sex…i’m sorry that doesn’t make you openminded or a free spirit, that makes you narrowminded, superficial and mediocre. Worst case scenario, some people are victims of sexual assult and don’t even reconise it anymore…because people think it to be “ok” Disgusting!!

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