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Why Nice Guys Stay Single

  • Asif Mahmud,Rahul Orion, প্রত্যুষ শংকর

  • That’s too categorical, as usual, there’s much more subliminal aspects to consider on that, as the different levels of intellect, personality and other singularities that don’t allow some of us to match anyone.

  • Some dont seek partnership or need it to be complete

  • That is so right and it rings so true nice guys finish last!!!

  • So many times, that it is now impossible to count, have I heard the expression from any woman, all women; he’s a nice guy. I never heard any man say; she’s a nice gal. I suppose the expression is a corelative of a man saying; she’s got a ‘good personality’.

  • Nina Shestakov

  • be yourself no one is nice all the time. it comes across as fake. if you have to try to be nice, there is a problem.just be real.