Drinking A Can Of Coke
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What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke.

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  1. Clickbaiting to the max!

  2. Chris Luton says:

    Bollocks, not everyone drinks it!

  3. ωσω Nice :|] ѕтαу σи

    Bot Đến Đây ! 😀
    =>TANGLIKE .ML<=

  4. I wasn’t raised on soda and rarely drank it in my life. It is disturbing to see toddlers and young children drinking soda, not only very unhealthy but bad for their teeth!

  5. Bennett Levy says:

    I never drank a can in my life

  6. I’ve always hate it!!!!fortunately i belong to the 10% of people on earth who dont drink and i’m really happy for this!!!! 🙂

  7. It’s sucks trying to get off it because it’s so addicting

  8. I do not. I don’t take caffeine either

  9. John Hawes says:

    Try this. Find a badly discoloured copper coin, and drop it in a small amount of Coke. Give it a little while, and you will see what it does to theat coin. Now imagine it happening to your internal organs. Not nice

  10. Ralfy Narine says:

    That’s why I quite coke for almost 2 years. No more joint aches & heartburn, acid reflux …

  11. Not me, I gave up soda about 12 years ago!

  12. It’s Coca-Cola. There you go. Saved you a click.

  13. Laiba Aslam says:

    Its the love of your life ” coke “

  14. Osama Riaz says:

    XD…chahe is sy cancer ho jaye phr b main piyoun ga

  15. Diane Gibbs says:

    NOT everyone drinks this rubbish!!!

  16. Martin Fano says:

    Ahhh…Croca-Cola…it does not matter what new information regarding the dangers of consumiing this stuff so people just do not get it…..

  17. Tanner Roo says:

    water??… no not everyone drinks soda…

  18. Dawn Hancock says:

    once saw a can of soda put through a water filter that could filter gallons of water but after that one soda that filter was clogged I remember thinking Well No More soda,s for Me . I love my bodies filter system don’t need to be clogging it all up with soda pop ~

  19. Greg Andrews says:

    You need to read this

  20. Water is life. Biology was a good course. 😉

  21. Craig Wood says:

    High Fructose corn syrup is the drink, I’ve saved you 5 mins

  22. Gennifer Johnson says:

    Gave up soda in 2004. I drink lots of water, decaf tea, occasional cup of decaf coffee and a La Croix flavored water once in a while. However, my mom is addicted to Come. 3 to 6 cans a day. She won’t drink water, she refuses. It’ll be the death of her.

  23. Linda Hudson says:


  24. Do you know what also destroys your health? Worrying about things that don’t matter…
    I am a man of facts, but this doesn’t have any effect on your. Drinking sugary sodas will much more likely give you obesity, tooth decay or caffeine overdose than affecting your bones….
    Just keep on living and don’tworry too much. It’s bad for you 😛

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