Watch A Vegetarian Eat Meat For The First Time In 22 Years.

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  • Hannah Craig

  • Arla Zeleny see what your missing out on

    • Hahaha very funny. I’m still not eating it!

  • No vegetarian would go back to meat after 22 yrs . Prob an infomercial . Eat eat eat get sick get sick get sick

  • the environment is suffering because of beef cows

  • Bar-B-Q Pulled Pork, Pizza, Cheeseburgers!
    I eat salads and other vegis, but there’s no way I’d give up meats. Too darn delicious. 🙂
    Everything in moderation. Add a few to your Pizza or something.
    It seems like a rationalized pathological obsession to be at an extreme. 🙁

  • That was so stupid !!

  • This was so funny……

  • go ahead if u enjoy it. remember what does the best reason how were u be a vegetarian? thnks. moderate only or minor or defend what kind of meat!

  • she sure likes the bone!!

  • No way was she a veggie, I couldnt even open my mouth to eat it and also her body would reject it. Its not just down to the taste.

  • The cheque from the meat industry must been BIG!
    Stupid people do everything just for money

  • she works at The Onion, that explains a lot