Self Improvement

The Μorning Αfter I Κilled Μyself.

  • Makes one think

  • very powerful

  • Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem……….very well written article!

  • Very moving and heartbreaking.

  • Mind blowing

  • This gave me chills for the ultimate truth is that many who kill themselves do so in a moment of deep depression that would have lifted

  • For many I think, who go down this path and succeed they do not want to die but they just want their unbearable pain to stop. Sadly, death stops it.

    • denis

      I often wonder what happens after death by suicide tho. There could still be spiritual pain ?
      However I firmly believe that God welcomes all into his Kingdom and that all sins/faults are wiped out in His Presence . People who commit suicide have a further choice immediately after death .

  • Powerful!!

  • chills

  • Yes, gave me chills

  • beltainerose


  • Samantha Lynne Tedford

    Beautiful and so sad

  • Catalina Araiza

  • Juliette A Landes

    that was terribly moving……and a good wake up call for those of us who sometimes entertain the idea of death before really thinking of the consequences or the good and the beauty and the love still there we would leave behind….hoping it might find us in the here after…but I think not. Our lessons are here…if we are here.

  • Never say that to yourself pray god

  • Elx ZO

    You just wasted your own life, suicide is not for your Shakespearean desperate attention gouging spoiled self, its for those that have lost it all in life and really are left with nothing to live, for those that lost a parent at a young age, and then the other at the time when they need them the most, when their own blood relatives don’t want nothing to do with you other than to beat you ***less, when you failed at life and you suddenly find yourself at 30 with no financial stability, no stable job, no friends, having to be running and hiding out of fear for your life, risk ending up homeless, been all alone, feeling unwanted, feeling as if your existence has already been wiped and you are just living by the once bold shadow you used to cast,…when you have nothing to loose….and nothing to live for.

    • Kasi Borski

      You are clearly missing the point here.

  • phiphi

    You Stay… You Fight Another Day !!! You Gone… There Isn’t Anything Else Except Your Bag Of Bones !!! ‪#‎YouStay‬#And#YouFight!!!

  • poignant

  • Powerful

  • Deep I tried to unkill myself..

  • This is sad. You are loved.

  • Are they sure they succeeded? I’m thinking they may still be overly medicated in the psych ward if they are posting this and they did actually kill them self.

  • How can you say someone is going to hell,It is up to every human being to use the life that have been given to gain a good life to go forward to the next,to learn lessons along the way. If that person has to come back again and go through that life they had before,then they will. No one has the right to say they should go to hell. Shame on you ,you have a lot to learn in your lives.

    • That’s only your opinion and one day like all of us you will find out if your wrong .

    • Lydia jay watch the movie constantine and then tell me what you think if im right or wrong.

    • Hi,and thank you ,I will try and see the film. i have looked it up but cant get it on my PC. but will try again. I would like to say Sorry for saying Shame on you. No one should suffer shame for their beliefs ,Sometimes being on facebook you forget you are talking to a real human being , So i am sending you out GOOD vibes .

    • denis

      I don’t believe people who suffer and commit suicide can go to hell ! God the author of life and death does not send people to hell. He is a God of mercy, kindness and compassion so why would God desire to further punish someone who is hurting so much ? That kind of thinking doesn’t add up.
      If people weren’t hurting they wouldn’t want to die !

  • This is a beautiful anti-suicide bit of prose. Please do not pollute it with your religious views.

    • denis

      Religion can be good or bad I believe. But certainly spirituality has helped countless folks to chose Life rather than death!
      Prayer can help give a person strength to keep going …..

  • Some of the comments on the actual post and on this post are truly shocking. Clearly people can’t see the actual meaning in the poem…. it is trying to say that sucide is not the answer and yes we all fall on hard times and depression is a dark place to be but there is beauty in the world. I hope this post can help people contemplating sucide you never know it might. Thank you the original poster for writing such an honest and deep piece

  • Rasmus

    nothing bad but… just let go

  • once you cross the point of no return you will realize you can’t find your way back no matter how hard you try

  • Mark Louie Macaso Cayanan

  • haven’t we all been there?

  • I tried last September. So glad I failed. My kids….. I just wanted to end my pain. But wanting to die and not wanting to live your life the way it is are two different things. I was saved. And I thank God everyday for it.

    • Thankyou for sharing that

    • Dawn Moore

      I’m glad you hung on – it gets better. <3

  • Heartbreaking

  • Beatifuly written

  • Nothing is as bad as it seems. Just keep on living.

    • Oh, you are so wrong. Things can be bad and with no end, I know, I tried to do it too but was disrupted at the last minute. My problem couldn’t be solved, I just had to find a way to live with it.

      • denis

        You are right Yvette. Sometimes the inner pain can be intolerable . I know that.
        Sometimes sufferers will commit suicide without full knowledge. For them it is like having to jump,off a burning inferno tower block to escape ….

  • Gordon

    People should stop breeding/replicating. Its so selfish and destructive. They should think before having children in an increasingly cancer-like society… a mind-controlled slave planet

  • JuliaWarhol

    The day after my father killed himself he realized that his neurological condition no longer held him prisoner. The cage door opened and he was able to soar. His eyes saw the beautiful vanilla skies of a Van Gogh painting. His ears heard the bird’s sonnets and symphonies. His skin became like goose flesh as the emotions he had missed for so many years flooded his spiritual aura and he felt the warmth of the sun on his face. He was at peace and joyous and traveled everywhere he desired to be as well as to everyone who thought of him … all at one time.

  • Claire Waters

    I suffer with depression / anxiety and have felt many times to just end it all . I now take St. John’s wort and that helps. . I do know the feeling of thinking I just can’t go on . But I read this today and copied it to my notes . I plan to read it again when I feel this way . I want to share it with you Rafael and whoever else I hope it helps . -“There’s going to be days when you just don’t want to be here anymore. You just stay. Somewhere out there, somebody needs your voice. I promise. I swear to God, your laughter is someone’s saving grace. Hold on tight, baby. The sun is coming for you.” ~ Erin Van Vuren”

  • MiLet Orian

    sometimes the pain is so unbearable it blinded you to see the good things it can bring you. i am not perfect and just like you, struggled to fight with every pain. i just choose to fight it with a smile or a laugh. Feel it, nurture it..until such time that it no longer choose to dwell on you. Until such time that you are no longer fighting it and the pain will choose to let go.

  • denis

    Rafael , don’t do it! The pain and aftershock affects those you leave behind….
    And we don’t know what happens after suicide . Get help,

  • Andria

    All this is tremendously symbolic! ‘Kill myself’ refer to the old dysfunctional self…that’s the reason after she killed herself she started falling in love with life…noticing the sun…etc

  • Nina

    I’ve had these moments. Of feeling like it wouldn’t matter if I were here or not. This made it clear for me. Mostly while reading this, what it made me feel, was the heart beat in my neck. I could feel it pounding. This constant of life, I know I am meant to be here, for something, something life altering.
    No matter how hard the dark times are, I know we are aren’t meant to face the challenges. The challenges grow us as humans. Suffering grows us, even though we fight it. It is our greatest teacher. Love