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The Difference Between Soulmates and Life Partners

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  1. Adrian Sicop says:

    Soulmate is forever while partner is not.

  2. Carol Franks says:

    I found mine twice, but I lost them both to death. I’m broken but mending. I learned a lot from both, during and after our relationships, I will always be greatful for the wonderful love and lessons I had with them.

  3. Tom Trull says:

    Maybe never, maybe you already did and let him/ her get away through circumstances that were unavoidable . Then you settle for 2nd 3rd 4th etc and do the best you can.if you can’t do that save yourself some stress and become a monk monkess(?)

  4. You say that as if there was no design to life. If you recognize the difference, it’s not settling. It’s choosing. And if luck is on your side, the two combine.

  5. Tom Trull says:

    Maybe there is no design or plan maybe we just roll along who knows

  6. I have a soul partner

  7. Dillon Bott says:

    You’re both of those

  8. Dillon Bott yes we are!!!

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