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The Difference Between Needing, Wanting And Loving Somebody

  • But we all eventually will stop wanting or needing someone we used to want/need, and if according to this article, that’s reason enough for a breakup, then it would be impossible to make any relationship last.

  • I agree Jeremy Jante. The author links lust w love and uses it as a measure of love. Love is not a feeling. It is a verb. It is what you do. The early “I love you” is usually hormonal lust driven. It usually means: “I love how I feel around you” but in relationship, the act of love has less to do w lust and more to do w care.

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  • Love is a choice. You’re not always going to feel that happy go lucky sun shines out their butt. Sometime you’re going to get bored. Sometimes you’re going to get angry. Those love feelings may “fade away,” but that familiarity and closeness the author called nostalgia… that’s the real love. It’s getting so used to another person that they become a part of you, and that’s a darn good feeling knowing you’ll have someone who knows you that well by your side, even if you’re currently “not feeling it”