Sleeping Naked
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The Amazing Benefits of Sleeping Naked: You’ll Burn Your Pajamas Once You See This

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  1. It’s the only way to sleep.

  2. Gerry Sona says:

    gan teint i gcónaí agus ní bhfuighfeá sin san fhoclóir.

  3. Fci Marylet Lopez 😛 🙂 😀

  4. Haha.. May naimagine tuloy ako bigla.. Haha

  5. i never wear anything in bed.

  6. Maria Hornbeck Pedersen

  7. I am all for it,love it !

  8. i never wear clothes in bed.

  9. l love to sleep naked…….

  10. Lollllllll..…no! The truth is I like sleeping naked.

  11. Robert Bassi says:

    Yvette Claudine Claireaux

  12. Yup sleeping naked tonight then lol

  13. I’ll pass. My sheets and comforter stay cleaner longer. Plus it’s frickin Minneapolis in winter

  14. just hope that you don’t have a house fire or another reason you have to evacuate quickly.

  15. Tanner Roo says:

    well.. not in earthquake country…

  16. Too many earthquakes around here to do that!!

  17. I got a cat, not a man. Sleeping with open window, freaking cold enough. So, nothankyou .

  18. Lol put a robe by your bed

  19. Paul Tindle says:

    Who the he’ll doesn’t sleep naked? Weirdos

  20. carolyne hadley says:

    when was it ever taboo? 1432?

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