To The Person Who Feels Suicidal But Doesn’t Want To Die

Self-destruction, a word so heavy and serious that whoever hears it panics at the very moment. It is a universal belief that a person who is self-destructive or feels suicidal would do that in real life. But, it’s not true.

We Must Break the Code of Teen Suicide.

I’ve often thought of killing myself and even attempted a few times in early adulthood. I just couldn’t take the pressures of the world, and depression was a heavy blanket of darkness. That was bad enough, but I recovered. I…

Aokigahara – The Famous Suicide Forest In Japan.

Death serves as a pertinent reminder of the fragility of life. Suicide, however is not quite as simplistic or as ¨natural¨. For a plethora of absurd reasons suicide remains a taboo internationally and perspectives differ subjectively.