Religious Children are Meaner and More Punitive than Secular Kids, Study Finds.

In a study to find out if kids who grow up with a strong religious background are nicer, more compassionate and more kind than secular children, it was revealed that religious kids are simply more mean, less-tolerant, more-punitive, and less-forgiving…

5 Lessons From Major Religions That Even Non Religious People Can Believe In.

When I was little, I attended church with my family. It’s so far back in my memory that I couldn’t even tell you what denomination we followed. It’s just a vague memory of singing “He’s Got The Whole World In…

What Happens to Your Brain, When You Believe in a Religion?

A conflict between belief in religion and belief in science is as long and old as history, and a new research finds it all comes down to a conflict in two networks of the brain.

Devil’s Bible: The Sinister Medieval Book

Mystery surrounds the origins of the malevolent tome, which, according to legend, is formed from the skin of 160 animals.

7 Differences Between Religion and Spirituality.

By Dejan Davchevski, A lot of people mistake Spirituality for Religion or some mysterious, supernatural occurrence. Some even think of it as a sect but this is because of their lack of knowledge and their fear of being manipulated.

The Seven Great Hermetic Principles! The Teachings of Thoth.

Hermes also known as Thoth, lived in Atlantis and Egypt for over two thousand years. He was known at the time he lived throughout the world, as the Master of the Masters.

Documentary : Religulous (2008)

Religulous: Bill Maher interviews some of religion’s oddest adherents. Christians of many kinds, Muslims and Jews pass before his jaundiced eye. Maher goes to a Creationist Museum in Kentucky, which shows thatdinosaurs and people lived at the same time 5000 years ago. He…