Six qualities for a good relationship.

Six qualities for a good relationship
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  1. Yes yes yes yes yes yes

  2. And all of these begins with self… love your soul, respect your soul.. be a friend to your soul ,,, be honest with your soul,,, trust your soul and communicate truth with your soul and God will take care of the rest of your souls issues…

  3. Interesting that nobody talks about chemistry and physical attraction.Don’t get me wrong…I’ve been with my boyfriend(soon to be husband*fingers crossed*) for more than 6 years (since I was 15) and I love him to death,but there still has to be passion and attraction to make it work…But YES..all those things do matter…A lot…

  4. John Fabac says:

    Yes, communication is the universal lubricant of all human relationships.

  5. Jian Huang says:

    Could I add caring to this list? As love sounds too heavy?

  6. Yes talking is a very big part

  7. Elmo Zappa says:

    wish the wife could type yes

  8. Well love is that condition by which the happiness of another person is essential to your own

  9. 6th one d most important cos it will reflect d other 5 in u.

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