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People Who Cry During Movies Are The Strongest People Of All

  • Linley Lea you don’t even need a movie cooking show can get you teary

  • just because if I don’t cry to a sad movie I’m a robot? Probably the reson I don’t cry to a sad movie is because I’m aware that is just all entertainment.

  • I cry easily….even emotional commercials. My entire life (with the exception of the last two) I thought I was “weak” because your (my) “feelings are at your fingertips”. It took almost 35-40 yrs to understand that crying IS NOT a weakness, rather, it’s shown me, I was born with a sensitive soul….and that, to me, makes me much stronger than I ever thought…or was told. So, bring on anything that increases my oxytocin….❤

  • Cryers are definitely not weak especially men it portrays theyre strong