Meeting The Love Of Your Life At The Wrong Time.
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Meeting The Love Of Your Life At The Wrong Time.

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  1. Jana I love you doll!

  2. Bao Pham says:

    Omg this is me right now … this is fkd

  3. Tom Trull says:

    Never ,met someone like number one 58 years later still haven’t number one close but no cigar.

  4. Ana Dri says:

    This thing speaks to me sooo deeply daaamn

  5. Anna Mee says:

    Sad but it don’t go away soon (anna 69y)

  6. The heart wants what it wants baby… #TheOneThatGotAway

  7. Thanks as to
    The memories
    Love 2 c Z and T

  8. Jay Peck says:

    Angela Marie, thank you for showing me what love truly is. May God bless you and all you love.

  9. Tee Vee says:

    This touched a sensitive spot for me so true

  10. Marianne Laarmans says:

    This is all me, and so true. There’s no future for us in this life, and it’s so sad, I hope the next life will be better.

  11. You know you’re alive when you can crap in front of one another and fart

  12. Jesse Kent says:

    Sometimes you need to die inside to be reborn

  13. Mel Garcia says:

    Story of my life right here!!!

  14. Cindy Smith says:

    meh, u live and get older and have less and less love and shit to give!

  15. Niyati Joshi Arpita Chikodikar

  16. Ripple says:

    Sometimes you can find the person inside yourself… they are just absorbed in you and the whole univers is absorbed in you and the God is absorbed in you… you can see God in everything and everyone and you finally get ALIVE and become Love ☺

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