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Facebook Post By A Man Who Has Just Found Out His Wife’s Been Cheating For 10 Years

Facebook Post By A Man Who Just Found Out His Wife's Been Cheating
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  1. Wow. I couldn’t even imagine

  2. Kathy White says:

    You are a man that-instead of getting angry,defensive,self righteous-oh and blaming-sat down and did some introspection.I hope you don’t take all the blame.You were steady and focussed-two things our society holds in high esteem.And faithful/loyal-another two.A diligent,hard working father-and husband-that’s another two.Your descriptive and eloquent diatribe-although self-effacing-is powerful-and moving.Please ‘friend me’!

  3. Rhye Cor says:

    We all live a different life. The important thing is to strike a balance. You cannot control other people’s behavior you can only control yourself. Being a good provider to your family is a noble thing. The danger here is people start thinking oh i have to live my life and not save and then end up getting broke.

  4. This is why I’m not going to be in a relationship

  5. Unfortunately, in this world there is no such thing as FREE money.
    He’s beating himself up when he had no alternative. If there was a money tree in his garden -then he’d have had access to those choices.
    Life’s not all fun and games.

  6. Mohammed says:

    I’m 39 years old and in the same boat. My wife who I loved very much cheated on me and I was too busy with work and trying to get financial security.

  7. Dave Pringle says:

    there are some people that should read this

  8. you have lived to work.happier people work to live.just making enough to live and enjoy your life, financial security is not everything. your wife should have been honest, not just used your hard earned cash to fund a life with her lover whilst you put in the hours.

  9. Life is not over at 46. Regret is an albatross around your neck, Get over yourself and make a better life. This is a chance for you to make a different life. and quit wasting your time with lamintation on FB. Make peace w your past, and look forward to your future.

  10. Baabaa Saayen Khanzada Shakir

  11. Ryan Sutton says:

    a banker that has worked 9-7 6 days a week for 26 years.. yeah you did something horribly wrong. retire in 4 years and enjoy the rest of your life

  12. Joe Ann Lias says:

    I pray that God will provide what you need

  13. Steven Dijkstra do not settle in ur 20’s hahahha yolo !!!

  14. y u mentioned Me,.. Mr. Muhammad Irshad Burki..????

  15. Because you always preach to live your life in your style

  16. Muhammad Irshad Burki hahahhaa. thats true..
    will gonna one day will, Insha ALLAH..

  17. Lesley Kelly says:

    I am happy to report that I have been having an adventurous and expansive life!

  18. Naman Gupta says:

    Nehal Gupta have a read

  19. He still has the time to change. Many people find out when it is too late

  20. Jt Gaynor says:

    What bank is open from 9-7 6 days a week? I call bs

  21. Angel Ito says:

    Takes balls to not only open up in this manner, but to also post it on social media. Kudos to this dude. Hope everything works out for the best.

  22. Michael O says:

    Do you Know what an investment bank is? Investment bankers have to work long hours and over the weekend.

  23. Marty Gray says:

    Sad story mate I feel for you . I would love you to have a browse of JW .org ( official website ) can only cheer you up

  24. Mitzel Sim says:

    I haven’t cried for years. As i read this sad story I slowly started to cry cant even hold of myself. This a very sad and yet very inspirational story. As i grow older and older i would remember this story and maybe it would change my life drastically. To whoever wrote this,i very am so sorry for what happened but i want you to know that the story you written on facebook will change lives forever. Once again i am very sorry for what happened and thank you. You change my life in an instant.

  25. Pamela Ivon says:

    Did he say he was now 46???? Thats only half way!!!!!!! Someone needs to tell hom he still young….to go out and fulfill his dreams….to finish that novel. Travel the world…make amends with his son… new friends…make passionate love….and say good riddens to his ex….all is not lost!!! Its just beginning!!!!

  26. Haroune Ambati says:

    The path you chose to let the world know ur story is a seed of your future self that you are gonna be my friend, its never too late to reach out for what is worthy, peace unto you

  27. Jim Farley says:

    What did he honestly expect would happen?

  28. It’s his fault the wife cheated on him? He shove a guy in her?

  29. Patsy Gant says:

    Thank you for sharing, best wishes for the rest of your life!!

  30. It’s never to late to begin again…

  31. Truth to all you youngsters. Get it while you can. Do not settle for less than anything you want.

  32. yes and when you get to be in your 60,s you look back and realize all rhe wasted years and its to lste!!!!!

  33. Paul Rainey says:

    A 9-7 6 day a week job in a bank and he thinks he’s picked the safe path in life .. If money was everything , yaaaa but it’s not . The only thing safe about that is he’s less likely to get hit by a car .

  34. Thanks man, kinda an important reminder to not being in the safe zone for such a long time. But people change eventually though.

  35. The reason he chose the safe route was because of better judgement. How would he feel if he ignored this better judgement and fell flat on his face. He would live with regret.

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