This man tried to get on his wife's nerves. But how he did it is priceless.

Man Tried To Get On His Wife’s Nerves. How He Did It? PRICELESS.

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  1. Brenda Leong says:

    Gabriel Ho Ryan Jun Le Lim Jordan Ho Zhi Heng…hilarious!!!!

  2. Ralph Parra says:

    I love the last one !!!

  3. Yep!! That is my final answer…LOL

  4. דבילי ביותר ומציקני

  5. Megan Powell says:

    Torben Willing Your idol?

  6. He could have ‘ called a friend’ !!

  7. Hhahaha i love the nu. 7

  8. Kathy M says:

    enjoyed the heck out of these! needed the yucks tody! thx for posting😄

  9. Kathy M says:

    i enjoyed the heck out of reading these! thx for posting😄

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