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I’d Rather Be Alone Than Be With Anyone Who Doesn’t Deserve Me.

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  1. This is beautifully said and also very true however it also happens to both sides. In today’s day and age and it may be rare I don’t know. But speaking from experience, not only women but sometimes the guys get treated like this also. Now I can’t speak for everyone, nor would I want to however it does happen. And most of the time it’s because of past experiences and the fact that they either don’t believe or are not ready to believe that the man really means what he says or he just gets look at like a crazy himself because he does not fit into the majority View of how men are. Not trying to pick this apart or anything of the sort, in fact it’s quite the opposite. If I replace a few things in this post that state the person speaking is a man talking about woman, then this relates to me 100% so on that note. I say great post, stay positive and when it all boils down to it I have to tell myself there are still good ones left in this world for both sides. Make sure to trust yourself and your intuition to lead you through the Darkness in order to find the ones that your light Shines on. To whoever reads this I hope you have a wonderful day. And thank you Ivonne Rodriguez for this post

  2. Just have to keep your values Sure don’t compromise them…. the right person will come along and see you for how great you are. In the meantime enjoy life be kind to yourself and love yourself sounds like you’re on the right Road

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