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Have You Ever Woken Up in the Middle of Night Paralyzed? You’re Not Alone..

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  1. DeVine says:

    I have had this happen to me several times, the first time I can remember, I was in my early teens, maybe…not sure, I was sleeping in my bed and I woke up and could not move, I felt a presence and a “being” that resembled a witch sat on my chest and it seemed like she wanted to suffocate me. I was very scared, I forced myself to wake up. Other times it has happened I would be paralyzed with only my eyes able to move, there wasn’t a presence there. The last time it happened was about a year ago, I was on vacation sleeping in a condo and my husband got up to use the bathroom, which I thought woke me up, but, I was still sleeping, I thought my eyes were open but I don’t think they were, I was lying there and another man who I cannot identify was walking towards the bed and I started to scream and woke up.

  2. AJ says:

    I regularly astral travel/lucid dream from a state of sleep paralysis… experiences sound very similar to these, although i have learnt to control it and work with what presents itself….i find it hard to believe that it is just a hallucination, when i have experienced the same set of circumstances with regards to how it feels, leaving yoru body, the fear and all the rest of it…..ive never been to the doctor about it

  3. KN says:

    I wake up, first comes the buzzing in my ears, setting the well known fear that I have been experiencing for 13 years. I am unable to move. With buzzing in my ear comes the feeling of being pulled into the pillow (usually left side, my usual position of sleeping) I open my eyes already very well aware of what is going to happen next. I can move my eyes with no problem at all. I have tried calling out, screaming, whispering, all failed, I couldn’t produce a sound. I do see the clock. It is happening between 2am and 5am. It never lasts less than 5 minutes and no more than 20. The figure is always in the hallway, some 3 meters away in my direct view. Now I cannot say it is a being or a shadow. It looks like a thickened dark. I cannot see the ‘face’ I don’t even know it has any features. If it was 2D I would describe it as a filled in outline of a tall man, seeing the head, neck and shoulders with no outline of arms or legs. And it scares me so much just being there even today. It doesn’t do anything to me, does not move and does not produce a sound. It is just there. (There were few occasions when I was woken up by something hitting me on the side of my right leg or side of my torso and all of the above would start happening). It all stops and disappear after I manage to get my self out of the frozen mode. I have been to the doctors, thinking I was either suffering from a medical condition, I was so worried and they looked at me as I was crazy with that look in their as if they felt sorry for me. I was confused, even ashamed rethinking all that is happening to me. A neuro surgeon was kind enough to order an MRI which showed nothing apart from an abnormal shape of my pituitary gland. I have stopped searching for answers long time ago. There are other things happening to me as well. Just have to endure it.

  4. Piotr Ziolkowski says:

    Hi, I kind of experienced similar things since I was about 16 years old so about 17 years now. This is well known and defined as Sleep Paralysis, this is one article about it which for some reason states it is hormonal:
    However I get you when you talk about presence (sitting on your back, or trying to touch you and you resist), it is hard to believe this is simply your mind playing tricks on you. My experience with sleep paralysis do resemble the felling of being unable to run fast enough or move fast enough when you are dreaming while slightly awakened (not a real lucid), so this kind of support this being related to GABA (not hormones). Over those years I learned how to stop it, it is a bit like an exercise, you have to try really really hard, like lifting a tone or fighting a real creature, you will notice a minimal movement of muscles, once you notice it you are free to go 🙂

    However you probably noticed this does not explain much as I still fell like fighting a real thing holding me down, it might be that adrenaline surge breaks lock on GABA but I cannot really prove it. Let me know your thoughts, thanks.

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