Get Paid $18000 by NASA Just to Smoke Weed and Stay in Bed for 70 Days?!

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  1. Debra Grange says:

    Would love to share this family would not approve ha ha, I think it’s great but need a suitcase of muchies to take in with me

  2. Could never pay me enough to compromise my beliefs that Marijuana is nothing more than a form of Control like Cigerettes only worse because of it only leads to Nothing Good

  3. I also would need lots of munchies!

  4. William St says:

    Sounds like more government waste. 🙁

  5. No way! My nerves cant deal with that.

  6. Jim Mason says:

    And have the following on speed dial: pizzeria and Chinese food restaurant.

  7. Jason Peart says:

    Why is there no link to sign up? Throw in Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go and this is a dream come true!

  8. Jason Peart says:

    And how were those beliefs formed? First hand experience or government propaganda?

  9. Jason Peart says:

    Meanwhile you have a higher risk of getting out of bed and dying than you do from weed use but cant compromise your false beliefs and all.

  10. Mark Schnepp says:

    time to get bed ready !

  11. Mark Schnepp says:

    there has to be a catch to this … thinking the only thing you could watch on tv is freinds ..lmao

  12. Jason Peart says:

    Wonder if you would tell an epileptic child that has a life due to it that it leads to nothing good? Or my 94 year old grandmother who stopped shaking from her Parkinson’s when no prescribed medication could do that. Or how it makes more efficient pathways in the frontal lobe. Or how traffic fatalities in all states it is legal has dropped very noticeably. Humans evolve through proper tool use, not small minds and excuses of ignorance.

  13. Jason Peart Well first of All I Believe NOTHING from the GOVERNMENT.. THEY ALL LIE… and Secondly I speak from Long time Exposure to the Scene of Drugs and Alcohol.. not only as a User but also a Bystander who has watched the typical Partier of Smoking Pot and Drinking Alcohol go from that To Cocaine and Other Drugs that you probably have never heard of to even becoming Herion addicts. So do be so Sure that you are being Fed the Right Information about Marijuana

  14. Jason Peart and I said Nothing about Dying… you did… I don’t fear Death. I believe it is a form of Freedom so I don’t fear that. But at the same time.. for you to automatically think that there are only 2 ways to have Wisdom of either First had experience or GOV prop.. that is what you my friend need to Discover and learn.. there is a an Old saying ” Believe only have of what you See and None of What you Hear…because the world is filled with Those who are crafty at creating , illusions of a reality that is not yours.

  15. LOL I don’t need to say anything MORE… What you said only reinforces what I said..and you can t see it.. you Said.. I have been Smoking for 20 years…HA.. I guess you are nt being controlled right..I will not say anything more to you because You have No Sense about yourself. So Done don’t comment back because you will only be making an *** out of yourself.

  16. Alan Hardie says:

    nasa are doing the study !! wicked we can trust them right?

  17. Alan Hardie says:

    i reckon you could be right about a control thing. cops will just wait at pizza shop and fit up stonies. . but kids are smart they,l get pizza delivered

  18. Jason Peart says:

    Via Giovannucci In all your experience you never noticed a weak mind aspect like letting your animal urges control your life? Ive been smoking for 20 years and can stop and start when I want and have never been addicted to anything outside cigarettes. Tried every drug on the planet but crack. I now live on my own making 6 figures a year and still smoke daily. No health problems and no criminal problems. All the people in my circle have the same lifestyle. To say it leads to nothing good, shouldnt I be dead or in prison or at the bottom of life somewhere crying if only I never tried weed? Drugs are just an option, addiction and throwing your life away is a choice every person in that situation made for themselves.

  19. Scot Sinbad says:

    But I don’t smoke.

  20. DAMN, I’ve been doing this for over 40 years for free!!??!!

  21. How do I apply for the job $$$

  22. Mars Cheney says:

    Ummm ok so how would you apply for the position?

  23. Finally… Ive been trying to get a job with NASA for years!

  24. What!!!!!! Sign me up heck just to stay in bed would b ok with me

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