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6 Signs You’re Arguing With A Psychopath.

  • this-sounds-like-my-sister-(especially#5)-i’ve-repeatedly-told-her-your-victim-mentality-has-to-go!

  • Sounds like Trump.

  • Why is the picture of a girl trying to smoke a cig that’s not lit?

  • This is good stuff. 5 years ago I fell into the trap of #2 and #3. Never again. Now I will not even be around this person without a 3rd party that is MY friend from MY world. Little Janie has grow up and become quite happy and string.

  • Magda Stewart read this entirely. I think we may know a few!

  • Angel Lia

  • This reminds me of someone I met last year who almost became a client. More trouble than they were worth.

  • A must read Magda Stewart !

  • Lazara Gonzalez….You got to read this… Paul too….

  • Yep, been there done that with these types on all points mentioned.

  • So true. BPD…..

  • Rosalind Croad-Harrison remind you of anyone?

  • Aidan Forbes not sure if I relate to this… maybe I’m on the mid to low end of psychopath. ..

  • Perfect description of Donald Trump!!!

  • Yes…but a GREAT Psychopath… with a short stubby brain.

  • Zulu Migi O oe se Psycho? Lol peiuma lava

  • Le

  • i just today “liked” this page because of a video i saw that you posted… and i read your “short desc.” of the page which says : “Be inspired, think forward and enjoy life!” so… in keeping with that theme WTF is THIS about… “watch out” ? IF you find YOURself “arguing with a psychopath” (psychopath according to whom you might like to ask????) you can pretty well bet you yourself are in PsyChoPath ~vibration ~ yourself. period. EVERYONE is doing the best they can given whatever circumstances they believe THEMSELVES to be in at any given moment in time/space. . yee~gads… really..

    • Kemosabe

      You have manifested all 6 of the “signs” above.

  • we as a nation need to get on one accord agreeing and touching in Jesus name he love them maybe these people can get saved he came die that we might live There is always hope in Jesus John3:16 where there is Jesus there is hope

  • I’ve come across a couple of real doozies in my time. This was spot on.

  • Christian

  • Walenrod

    It looks like I am the one….f*&^ck….and what now?

  • my daughter=in=law is a psychopath …..need i say more

  • Psychopaths are social chameleons who can fit perfectly into any situation. They are experts at morphing their identities to get what they want and mirroring others for money, sex, and — most commonly — attention. Because of their ability to idealize others, psychopaths are often perceived as charming, innocent, and fun to unsuspecting onlookers and casual acquaintances.

    But there is another side to them.

    When they’re feeling threatened or bored, a psychopath’s true colors start to come out. They draw you into arguments that are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The argument usually stems from something hurtful or inappropriate they’ve done, but you’ll quickly find that you’re the one defending yoursel

    • Want a real-life example? Watch and listen to…. Trump! Key traits that sociopaths and psychopaths share include:

      A disregard for laws and social mores
      A disregard for the rights of others
      A failure to feel remorse or guilt
      A tendency to display violent behavior

  • Very difficult to deal with especially when you know u are being lied about to destroy your close family relationships – these people should be stopped as the destruction they cause is unacceptable – I know sadly …

  • Figure out your patterns & why you keep attracting this type of person into your life.
    Blame is easy; while honest self-knowledge takes work.

  • This is helpful. I know ALL of these traits apply to my situation, but reading it gives me confidence to just ignore the attempts to suck me into the emotional warfare. The problem for me is… when I pull away far enough, they will become physically violent. Luckily I’m a larger male so I can “handle it”.

  • Going to have to disagree with you there

  • Sounds like Trump!

  • I said “almost”. Lol i make excuses. A lot. I feel sorry for myself. You’ve called me out on how i come across sometimes.

    So almost. Maybe I’m like 1/10 psychopath.

  • Bethie VanDo

    This is retarded, written by someone who has no idea what they are talking about. Psychopaths will never TRY and make you mad they either have no idea they are doing it or they will plain not care. Psychopaths don’t care enough about you to try and make you react. Lots of them are completely non-confrontational because it’s to much work and they don’t care. Not all of them are liars some of them will tell you the absolute truth, always never ever sugar coating anything (I’m that kind). Not all of them will try and shift blame either, lots of them are perfectly happy with themselves and whatever they have done. The person that wrote this was a hack with hurt feelings and zero real training in psychology. Most very successful people in the US have some form of psychopathy because that’s what it takes to come out on top.

    • Ania

      They come out on top exactly because they manipulate others in their own mistakes and take credit for others achievements. No, they don’t try, they just do it. Telling the truth doesn’t always make you honest but simply rude, especially if you blindly disregard your own shortcomings. Don’t get defensive just because you don’t like who you are.

      • Bethie VanDo

        Don’t like who I am? I love who I am!!! I wasn’t defensive I was educating people. Apparently that doesn’t happen enough now a days, obviously.

    • RosaT

      You lost me at “This is retarded…”

  • ik begrijp wat je bedoeld maar ik hoop het niet

  • You wake up from being knocked out your wallet’s missing and it had your last $5 in it.

  • Donald Trump!! Not my president!

  • Don’t bother wasting your breath. They’re the only ones who exist anyway, in their demented minds…plus ignoring them drive’s them bonkers!!! lol

  • Narcissistic, I’m always right MeMe’s.
    Two choices:
    1. Walk away – forever.
    2. Agree with them and always be their whipping post, because everything is your fault. They are insecure Bullies. Shrink told me “Get a divorce or pick out a coffin. If you stay with him he’ll kill you or drive you to insanity”! They never change.

    • For real, dated a narcist we broke up for a year, he saw me with someone else a year later and went ballistic I called 911and took care of that no way I am going back

    • If they think they own you, run like hell is chasing you!

  • This post wasn’t all about you unless you are a psychopath.

  • I am a psychopath Valerie, and I believe they have it all wrong /. lol

  • Sounds like Donald Trump

  • Wow Trump fits all these descriptions

  • JC Ballenger

    Didn’t you guys read the by line? This article wasn’t written by anyone desiring to take credit for it.

  • JC Ballenger

    Lol. Abusive personalities cannot save themselves from becoming *** as soon as a light is put on them.