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17 Things You Should Know Before You Fall In Love With An Old Soul.

  • That’s me on every point. So that’s why I am the way I am. Wow!

  • True!

  • Christine Michelle

  • Yvonne Kesarsing

    • Mijn hart is al verpand en wel voor 21 geboorten, voor mij niet meer nodig.

  • Adrian Holmes I’m sure this is you and me

  • Kevin Zavala

  • Zoë Howarth

  • Pretty sure the writer of this article has been stalking me! Jeff Simmons good in site!

  • Yeah, they bring along a lot of old baggage!

  • Tremendously insightful piece

  • So true

  • This is so you, friend Atty. Miss you!

    • Ay oo nga hahaha so meee. Miss u more dear Gail Maderazo lets hang out soon or watch muvi

    • Di ba, it’s so you Date tayo soon

    • Yep yep yep haha u know me so well

  • wow that is me…..and I thought I was just crazy haha thank you for sharing!

  • So I’m an old soul .

  • Is it intuition, psychic ability, or connection with past life experiences? I think about that sometimes, it’s not always the same sensation when it happens. Of course you’re aware you’re describing a creative artist and that many of the 17 things on your list qualify as mental conditions or abnormalities to western (useless) psychology… Right? It’s also another reason, ‘old souls,’ are often outcasts.

    • Western psychology is useless. Let’s revert to mysticism without clinical experimentation!

      Because that works, right?

    • Huh? Keep your words in your own mouth, speaking for me is dangerous.

  • Gorek Rageheart

  • if i say i love you and you ask me why and i tell you dont expect it to make sense, if i never react the way you expect when you are happy or sad, dont wonder why just hug me, if i stay with you it means i love you i might not say it i might not express it but because i am here means i want to to. if i leave and dont look back it is not because i have not hurt for a thousand years and will stop hurting, its the best i can do and i still love you but now it is your turn to choose.

  • This is me . wow!

  • Definitely me!

  • i’m gonna read this you know, Taryn…;)

  • Bah