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10 Things Good Men Will NEVER Do

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  1. Maciek Mazurkiewicz ❤

  2. Rachael Owen says:

    Georgia Bonsall what would will do???

  3. Lisa Scalley says:

    The quality of men has degraded over the last two decades. They stopped making good men after 1960. Men nowadays are just whiny sissies who want replacement mommies, not wives or girlfriends.

  4. Having been born before 1960, I can relate. I have watched today’s men in public (like a restaurant) treating women as if they don’t care. Today’s men also treat each other badly as well. I run into this all the time. For me, it’s not worth it. I make it a point to live my life by the ‘golden rule’ Do unto others what you would have them do to you. Perhaps we should teach that in our schools.

  5. Lewis Schatzdorfer if all parents taught it to their children as they grow up then maybe the world would be a better place but yeah maybe taught in schools for parents that dont raise their kids to love one another

  6. men have NEVER been good, they have just treated women well because women “knew their place” and women shut up and did when men wanted. Now that we’re almost equal and don’t need men, they’re getting upset. People stayed married back in the day because women were taught to be submissive. Of course you’ll treat your woman well in 1940 when you’re considered her superior and she does whatever you say, cooks and cleans and takes care of the kids, etc. Now that women have a voice, men don’t know how to deal with it.

  7. Devon Shire says:

    1. What if the girl’s really let herself go? What if she looks terrible? Wouldn’t a good man be honest, in an effort to help her? Or would a good man just lie and tell her she looks good when she doesn’t?
    2. Agreed, though omit that asterisk. Even if he suspects she’s being deceptive, he still won’t invade her privacy. He’ll just leave her.
    3. What if her aspiration or idea is foolhardy? Would a good man lie, and tell her “yeah, do it! Chase that dream!” when he knows it’s going to end in disaster?
    4. Everyone must prove themselves to everyone. It takes a year for people to drop all charades and pretenses and actually be their real selves, so until she’s proven herself with validity, a self-respecting man will definitely demand that she prove herself, and he will do the same for her.
    5. OK stop lying to your readers. This is a line of BS that people feed to women all the time. Being a girlfriend doesn’t mean she has first priority or only priority, and a guys’ night out does NOT mean she’s being neglected. Stop telling men they can’t have anything in their lives but their girl, and stop telling girls their man’s bad if his world doesn’t revolve around her. That’s a lie.
    6. “You deserve someone who will wake up every morning and pledge to do and be the best they can for you.” Whoa, what? Why does she ‘deserve’ that? What in your convoluted delusional mind qualifies a person to ‘deserve’ someone who daily devotes himself to do the best they can? What miraculous thing has every woman who reads your article done to ‘deserve’ that??????? Does cancer vaccine drip from her tail pipe when she farts? Do her sneezes cause flowers to bloom? What on EARTH do women do to ‘deserve’ daily religious devotion from their man? It’s that kind of insane, brainless, entitled, narcissistic horse manure that twists women’s minds into insanity. You make them think that they are entitled to a man’s devotion purely by virtue of………………………………..WHAT? You LOON!
    7. Also true.
    8. True.
    9. This is true, but with an asterisk. Sometimes men and women have differing definitions of “important conversation.” There are things women think are important that are totally irrelevant to men, so before you fly off the handle, ladies, determine whether your man is avoiding something important or just not noticing something inane that you mistakenly think is important.
    10. Quite true. Well, you got 4 out of 10 right. That’s just terrible. That’s a Fail. You need to quit your job immediately, and never give anyone relationship advice again. You are a blight on society. Shame on you.

  8. frankly speaking they are all good in the beginning… when problem arises and to avoid they will simply say sorry and walk away without giving a clue hoping u will figure it out…. well there is no such thing as good or bad…. bad guys are actually better because they will say it right on your face and move on but good guys are really bad at dealing sticky situations… Just my observation. No offence to anyone… no one is bad forever and no one is good till they die

  9. Paul Jones says:

    I think this works equally for women as well……………..

  10. Darien Wong says:

    Well I am not a good guy. The end

  11. Nice .. devrait etre traduit en français pour tous …à

  12. Shayne Tuba says:

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist

  13. Jake Warda says:

    since i find this immensely sexist i’ll add, that you can in every of this cases change the he to a she. then you find women are not how men should be in their eyes. which in the end shows, that women are most often more sexist. when a woman says, strip for me, it’s okay, when you tell the same to a woman, you’re a pervert. like what is this double standard?

  14. Mia BBui says:

    It took awhile for me to learn this. Late is still better than never

  15. Elad Lending says:

    Applies equally to women.

  16. Soo true Sandy Akoury ❤

  17. Suresh Subramanian says:

    Are you a men? The worst thing you do in your relationship is hearing some other ppl word how your boyfriend or husband should be. A men is unique. Good or bad a woman should accept with the fact what she has chosen. This is insane telling how a man should be and the fact is this can be very useful to impress a girl but one or the other day the nature of the men will come out. Trust whomever you coz you give him place to sit beside you.

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