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10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Deep Woman

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  1. Gi Marie says:

    The problem with this article is that it doesn’t recognize that the one doing the rejecting (of shallow people) is the deep woman, not the other way around.

  2. These are the same 10 reasons most women can’t handle a deep man.

  3. Love has no formula. It’s simple it’s not working out. If love is not there it’s time to let go. Relationship fail do to interest. It’s not you. Rule one don’t figure why. If you have to figure him out that is a sign and do not sugar coat nothing. Plus woman do not need to be handled just respected in one word loved. How is that intense. But any ways life is more then finding a man to love us and rescue us from what. We have too much to worry about. Work, health, our home, family, to live healthy, and be fit and refine for a new day. Keep up with knowledge, be successful.

  4. Elba Ramos says:

    Bravo for the women that knows how to read flags in a relationship and can say you know what? I can live without a man that is not bringing any positive thing into my life!

  5. Definitely works both ways am afraid,

  6. Jo Kennis says:

    I know 10 reasons why they do not exist

  7. This made my day – this is totally me!

  8. Christy van Leeuwen this is why I will be forever alone

  9. john says:

    this is so me. unfortunately it was written in sexist language so where do I go with it?

  10. john w says:

    why is this article written with all this “she ” language? this situation where one person is more into deep and meaningful thoughts, feelings, discussions etc can happen either way around. why doesn’t it occur to the writer that the language is extremely sexist?

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