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The Secret Language of Narcissists: How Abusers Manipulate their Victims.

  • Aussy, mate

  • 1 in 25?? Wow! I definitely know a few and have had some havoc in my past more then once. I’m always curious if it’s nature or nurture? Perhaps it’s both.

  • yes if you agree

  • I’ve known narcasistic types there just insecure and very sad fools

  • I would go as far as 50% the world is full of givers and takers

  • Felipe Rodriguez Edis !!!! in seiner wahren Schönheit

  • i picked two, never again.

  • I think that’s a low estimate.

  • Diana Reyes Peimbert

  • Facts that should be known to more people.

  • really scaring…!

  • I’d say that figure is very optimistic.

  • Vítor Garcia

    I’ve lived all those things a few years ago, and for someone who still feeling some emotional/intelectual pains because of this kind of destructive people, I can say that all of what is written is the very fucking truth!
    Narcisistics are jsut like plagues, parasites! They pretend to be good listeners and good friends in the begining, because they want to know your mind, your dreams, your weaknesses, and everything else they can.

    So, when they know you more deeply they begin to attack your weaknesses and turn you into a species of mental slave / emotional one. They make you believe that they are right in what they say, and for that use thousands of strategies, threaten to become nervous, destroy their self-esteem, taunt you etc. And through this blackmail game and handling a narcissist will draining your potential, your intelligence, destroying your life slowly and making you feel guilty about it. It is really horrible and people really have to be very attentive to this kind of behavior and fade away from people so as soon as possible.

    But there is a simple solution to all this: Self love! love yourself 100%, always rely on their capabilities and their potential and never, ever let anyone tell you that you are not able, to belittle and anyway sabotage you or do you you believe that you are unable. Love yourself! love yourself!

    • Shawn Arstill

      YOU ARE RIGHT. Mr. Garcia my mom was my monster. it started before I even turned 12mo. It was a horrible life in her home. the worst part is she actually raised two others that still to this day just say “you know how mom is. she lives in her own little world and we never challenge her on it”. IT IS BEYOND MESSED UP. my father on his death bed, well a few months before he died, spent 4 days apologizing to me for her. he told me he allowed her behavior to continue even though he knew what she was doing. it was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. When I was two I heard my gramma, his mother, basically scolding my dad for allowing it and told him he’d better fix things. He didn’t. I started running away from home at 8. We were very upper middle class, plenty of money, etc…no drugs, no alcohol etc. it was definitely a case of ”don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. I still today am blamed and looked down on by my ”family” for crap she did. she is 83 now and I just don’t understand how in the world she can live with that kind of guilt…oh yeah she has no guilt. she says she moves on and doesn’t dwell on things. if you never talk about stuff then you get to keep moving forward. I on the other hand wake almost every day with her in my minds eye. Still the little kid screaming for my mommy. it took a LOOOOONG time to love me. but I got there around 30. I sure do wish we could at the least talk about stuff and she’d take SOME responsibility, but…………………………………

    • Shawn Arstill

      p.s. if you ever want to chat i’m on f.b.

  • you just described donald trump,….

  • c’est n’est pas normal

  • Really good article.

  • Is there any cure for their behavior? Inter generational egoism, taught or learnt damn cruelist thing ever.

  • Narcissism is no longer a “disorder” according to the DSM, as over 1/3 of the population tests into it. Does anyone know about neurological research about the brains of narcissists?

  • I survived one.

  • You cannot fix crazy.

  • Haydee Fontiveros

  • Sounds lagit

  • That’s a lot of sociopaths…

  • That sounds about right. There’s alot of crazies running around.

  • Wow…and this is why I am not in a relationship…picked 3 in a row. I’m happy and greatful to be single

  • That is true!

  • Pierre Cy

  • We all know a couple or more

  • LaQuan Miles

  • the UK is the same. i married two of them.

  • I think the number is higher than 1 in 25!

  • Yea i can see it

  • This is legit.

  • This should be made available to a lot of victims….it’s straight to the point

  • The one in 25 number is very scary.


    My mother….my brothers…my father…it started before I could talk…and continues to this day to the point where I have had to completely CUT ALL TIES….Sad, it seems, but for The Best…Survival of the human race depends upon transparency and exposing these insane people to the world for who they ARE…they can cry and complain and try to put the blame back onto you…but standing STRONG, knowing one’s OWN TRUTH ultimately defeats these losers.

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