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Meeting The Love Of Your Life At The Wrong Time

  • Say Yes!

  • Jana I love you doll!

  • Omg this is me right now … this is fkd

  • Yes

  • Never ,met someone like number one 58 years later still haven’t number one close but no cigar.

  • This thing speaks to me sooo deeply daaamn

  • Sad but it don’t go away soon (anna 69y)

  • The heart wants what it wants baby… #TheOneThatGotAway

  • Thanks as to
    The memories
    Love 2 c Z and T

  • Angela Marie, thank you for showing me what love truly is. May God bless you and all you love.

  • Tee Vee

    This touched a sensitive spot for me so true

  • Marianne Laarmans

    This is all me, and so true. There’s no future for us in this life, and it’s so sad, I hope the next life will be better.

  • Very painful

  • You know you’re alive when you can crap in front of one another and fart

  • Sometimes you need to die inside to be reborn

  • Story of my life right here!!!

  • meh, u live and get older and have less and less love and shit to give!

  • Niyati Joshi Arpita Chikodikar

  • Angela Sabarese

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