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Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone — Your Choice.

  • That’s us baby xxxx

  • (Important Disclosure: Words in quotation marks are double entendre and should be read at surface level 1st read)
    What is the “absolute truth” causality formula (Cause and Effect circle) of “Love”?
    As a result, “When there is a positive correlation between two variables (“Hope” and “Love”), as the value of one variable increases 1st (“Hope”), the value of the 2nd variable (“Love”) also increases to inevitably result in the “limitless” state of “Happiness” as 3rd.
    Ps. “Love” is the best tangible manifestation of “Hope” as “choice.” Nevertheless, if we want the “best/limitless” for ourselves then, we should “treat” others the “same.” Consequently, every Human Nature pattern knows and practices in “Hope,” because the power of “Love” (as 2nd) is only possible through the continual belief in “Hope” as “choice” 1st which, both limit you to “Happiness” (3rd) as the empirically valid 3 in 1 code/pattern. _’Selfless. Inc.

  • everyone has the right to their own personal style. Cut the measurement by only one persons standard. LOVE is far more than Lust.

  • Everyone loves like that for the first 2 years. I call it the honeymoon faze.

  • This is great.

  • Ja: dat geloof ik…

  • really? Hmm. Funny, I was always expected to be an emotional tampon, but whenever I had some pain that needed to be exposed, she couldn’t be bothered.

    • and that goes for all five ‘she’s

  • Baby we need to read this. I want this again with you. Ruth Savage

  • Love is never a waste .

  • Amen!!

  • at 58 love can be expressed is ways that are not this demonstrative from a pictorial view point.

  • I have choosed to be alone…but im not alone…Jesus is always with me…
    I allready had my marriage and kids…now its time to know myself.

    Its time for youngsters to have the cuddling time…hoping they find the real one to love…

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