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Why Men And Women Think Differently. This Guy Nails It.

That’s Mark Gungor, one of the most sought-after speakers on marriage and family in the US. He’s also a pastor and a ridiculously funny guy. His Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage® seminars are attended by many people, and he’s able to adapt his speech to the religious and non-religious. In this video, “The Tale of Two Brains,Mark explores the differences between men and women, and he pretty much nails it:

Why Men And Women Think Differently


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  1. If this is true, then I know a lot of guys with women’s brains… not all men are cave men… just like not all women are complex.. this guy is an idiot…. he himself may put things in boxes aka caveman, as he has done here… we are human beings and all human beings can be simple or complex often in the same body, at different times depending on who they are with and what they are doing and dreams are made or broken.. .sometimes we don’t even know how complex we are until we crack…. Individuals are individuals regardless of gender and or otherwise… dont pay to listen to this idiot… Yes, there is a definite argument for how we as human beings express ourselves emotionally often men internals more than women and just get on with things but at the end of the day the thoughts and feelings are the same, its just some women can express themselves more openly… why do you think ‘black dog’ has become such an issue in men? Get to know your partner deeply and fully and have respect for their way of doing things… just because they do it differently regardless of gender, doesnt make them wrong…

  2. This is reductionist rehashing of the old slate that men compartmentalize and women interconnect…only said so moronically and with pithy attempts at humor.

  3. Jock Doubleday says:

    And you know what’s even weirder? All males are female in utero until the hormonal kick that makes them male. Male nipples are female remnants. Have a nice day!

  4. And you know what’s even weirder? All males are female in utero until the hormonal kick that makes them male. Male nipples are female remnants. Have a nice day!

  5. jeez, get over yourselves people, lighten up

  6. Sandra De Vreeze-Knaken

  7. a very good read.

  8. Jean Callary says:

    A totally lame excuse for guys not doing something they said they would do ten minutes ago. On the other hand, if it’s true, it may be the best argument ever for electing a woman president.

  9. You have to watch him in person! Way more hilarious! You tube: Mark Gungor a tale of two brains.

  10. Boe Aerika says:

    Saki Banyen Jerny Pathida

  11. Erika do you agree with any of this?

  12. Reading the article, I was just thinking the exact same thing 🙂

  13. Damon Ong says:

    Allan LimSteve Chung good statement!

  14. Carol Fay says:

    What I have always thought. Men boys should not be in charge of anything.

  15. Waste of my time

  16. Fred West says:

    Actually just finished fishing, 9 largemouth bass all catch and release, fun

  17. You already shared the video, which is much better!!

  18. This is obviously written by a man. Surprise surprise.

  19. Scot Sinbad says:

    But there is a link to everything.

  20. Joni Pickering says:

    This is supposed to be a funny way of explaining that Men and Women are different… you know Venus and Mars ??? OBVIOUSLY not everyone is exactly the same, and not every antidote applies to everyone. So for all of you people who are grumbling All I have to say is …Get over yourselves and GET A SENSE OF HUMOR..

  21. Joni Pickering says:

    I totally agree this was humor… funny

  22. asdsdsadsa says:

    i just read the 1 sentence of your comment and i want to say that you are the idiot this article is completely true for men idk about the woman part tho
    And hes not a caveman your just some gay fag

  23. Rosie Koina says:

    This perfectly explains life!

  24. very interesting and simple

  25. Honey Elsie Priebe watch this video as this guy totally nails it with the difference between men & women! Hehehehe

  26. Men are trained in society to keep their emotions in check an their even expected to be cool calm an unemotional where as women are expected to be the polar opposite of that,, men are natural providers women are natural nurtures.. If men and women respected their differences they’d find peace with each other and they would know joy and love…

  27. Susie you have read this and share with Terry. lol

  28. Terri Keever says:

    What nonsense. ..n to think ppl buy into this guys bull…lol

  29. J Victor Escano says:

    This is wrong. Complete opposite in many daily instances.
    Women in general, especially mothers, are all about compartmentalization. Women are very emotionally driven, but when it comes to tasks that needs more emotional attention they can cut off emotions, lock it away and deal with it later, while giving immediate attention rp multiple problems now. Men have a harder time hiding emotions, so they use their easiest go-to poker face on now, but carry the emotional burden on all day, and many times diffuse the negative emotions out on other people closest to them, unless they were able to diffuse it physically or cathartically ina socially acceptable manner (golf, batting cage, workout, running, etc.) Most often if they cannot confide with anyone personally, or resolve any emotional hang-up, it will affect their work, relationships, and overall way of life. Women can shut out a problem emotionally for years, or attribute the blame to others and find clever ways to diffuse the emotional bombs better than men, and without anyone or close relatives knowing the wiser.
    I may be wrong, but I have seen so many I stances of this daily and decades wise.

  30. enigmahome says:

    Yup I would say lighten up. This here is just a humorous way of defining some differences between the species, without absolutes you seem to want to insist on. Without humour this would be a sad world.

  31. enigmahome says:

    Ouch, and ouch again, Male nipples female remnants? Can we say instead …. ” Nipples in male mammals illustrate a constrained evolutionary result?” (same thing except doesn’t sound so, hand me down)

  32. enigmahome says:

    Men boys? That is so sexist, so abusive, so defamatory, vilifying to say the least. Mind you when I see the politicians debating I’m probably inclined to agree. But I digress, surely, to be happy we must admit women and men are not equal (right so far?) because if we men don’t agree with women … woe unto us …. I’m reminded of ” Hell has no fury as a woman scorned” But just maybe, it might be time for you to consider the visionary words of Norman Vincent Peale “Change your thoughts and you change your world”. Note I said visionary, there appears a long way to go. You have to admit its getting tougher on us guys. We are the ones having to change, that’s not always easy. Your feminist movement has brought about many changes for us to cope with. Look at us, we were always expected to demonstrate our fitness prior to mating, you almost always expect us to know or be able to fix anything and everything, you expect us to be confident, you expect us to be happy all the time, you want us to bring home the bacon, the coffee, the butter. But !! NO MORE -you said, FINE we said. Now take it on!

  33. BryndisM says:

    I’m a woman and i love thinking of nothing and I tend to do it as often as I can, which is most of then time. Its basically just meditating. I don’t neither like to care about things that don’t matter, and I dont. I find this is quite ignorantly written, so no for me it doesn’t nail it.

  34. Viv Jey says:

    Well….some people live in boxes for other reasons. Men it’s seems for convenience.

  35. Absolutely true … Ornela Coric Buric that is it

  36. Oups didn’t mean to share! Meant to save it to read later!

  37. This guy is a pro

  38. This guy is hilarious on tv!!!!

  39. Marvin says:

    Whatever lie helps the woman feel good, is what I always say.

  40. Alexander Yarbug Merlin Yarbug, het is dus gewoon een verschil tussen mannen en vrouwen

  41. Ja dat filmpje bedoelden wij

  42. Lesley Karon says:

    Love it !! The video’s a good laugh !! A very enjoyable speaker.

  43. Koty Miller says:

    Mary Miller this will make you laugh

  44. Magdalena Stargazer says:

    According to this I am a man, because I don’t connect anything he mentioned, and I don’t care what other people say, or have, or think about me or anybody else, I don’t have such problems, I’m not sociable to everyone, why even try? I feel sorry for the women who are like that, I can imagine it must be tiring and loud in their heads.

  45. Vince Field says:

    This is bogus. There are quite a few women Buddhists who would strongly disagree with this article, being living proof of it’s invalidity.

  46. Dee Ann says:

    “…..nothing drives a woman more crazy and makes them feel more irritated than to watch a man doing nothing”

    This woman here is definitely one of them! I confirm!!!

  47. What separate anything or anyone is the truth vs. the lie…God gave everyone the same abilities… some develop theirs and some don’t and that is the difference between everything and everybody…

  48. rather a subjective opinion.

  49. Holly Haala says:

    Shari Pelzel this is the article I was trying to tell you about last week!

  50. I saw this video quite some time ago. . .It was Knee-Slapping-Hillarious then. Yesterday I saw the video again and it was JUST as hillarious as before. Today I started reading the written version of that video and I could not crack a smile. . . .Forget the Text !!!. . .Just watch the video. . at least two times 🙂

  51. George Danny says:

    This article is a copy of George Carlin script.
    #Plagiarism all over it

  52. Devon Shire says:

    That’s absolute horse Shit. This guys just trying to give men an excuse to tell their wives they’re thinking about nothing when in fact they’re thinking about porn. Or some other thing they don’t want to share with their woman.

  53. John Buchecker says:

    Thought it was a woman writing this LOL

  54. Rylan Mims says:

    this has as little if anything to do with gender, has most everything to do with social conformity to gender roles, in that we conform to unhealthy for us gender roles we do tend to be one or the other as described, but as we learn that this is bogus and we become all that we are, both the yin in wire and the yang in boxes, we become psychologically more healthy, more in balance with our true self…


  56. Nikki Muddle says:

    And he was funny reminds me of dr gray and his Mars and Venus books which should be rerelease do for the new generation

  57. This view is somewhat simplistic, perhaps for the sake of humor. But, I would advise everyone to read “Why Men Don’t Listen And Women Can’t Read Maps” by Barbara & Allan Pease. If you truly want to understand not just your partner, but yourself as well, read this book.

  58. Thank God at last. I now understand why I am the way I am.

  59. I’ve always believed in the Mars/Venus thing and the ‘box’ thing also makes sense.

  60. Joyce SY Chu says:

    Wasn’t he on TED talk?

  61. I found my “nothing box” when I discovered gardening. Seriously. I can garden for hours and my brain is a blank slate throughout. I fired my therapist. Gardening is cheaper.

  62. Joyce SY Chu says:

    Truth Inside Of You ok. I thought it was. Thanks.

  63. Libby Adey says:

    So true! My husband calls his ” the nothing room ”

  64. Iefke Bolk says:

    Bjorn de Bie thuis even kijken hoor!

  65. I disagree … All though it is funny. You see woman do have a nothing box, we are being told, like this research, that we don’t so boys and girls believe it. Not true, don’t always believe everything you read. Girls have been raised to become Mothers which is to remember everything,(doctor appointements, birthday parties, school attivities ect. boys are raised to be providers (go out and work) … times have changed. It will take time for the boys to become Men and for the girls to become Woman and embrace the “nothing Box” for the simple fact that roles are shared. Woman will be “permited” to embrace their “nothing box” just as freely as Man are , and Man will embrace the understanding that live is a shared adventure by both MAN and WOMAN, Husbands and Wifes, Moms and Dads.

  66. Stephanie Boon says:

    What’s even funnier is that you describe men and women as different species, hahahaha!!!!

  67. subras3d says:

    What the Dr.says are very true by my own experience as a husband for 38 years ..I have read Dr.Fritjof Capra’s ‘The Tao of Physics ‘ and I have written a book titled as ‘Taoist Directions for Design & Development- the first of its kind in the world and boldly told the world that ‘Design’ is the equivalent of’ ‘Software ‘or ‘Yang ‘ ( Man ) and ‘Manufacturability ‘ is the equivalent of ‘Hardware ‘ or ‘Yin’ ( Woman ). The output of this research proves that not only men and women differ biologically :but also due to internal brain structure to prove that ‘Man are from Mars & Women’ are from Venus ‘..In fact I am writing a book titled as ‘ Energizing Sustainable Leadershipby Empowering a Hybrid of Yang & Yin’ to recommend ‘Dual Leadership of Man & Woman ‘ in enterprises as the Winning Teams of Man & Woman have proved for more than 1000s of years as successful leadership models . .All due to ‘Taoing’ between ‘Yang ‘ and ‘Yin ‘ only due to the Complementary nature of genders and internal thinking .CONGRATS !

  68. Trevor says:

    women been trying to be like men and calling themselves feminist is the most hilarious thing ever.. love your self…love what you are.

  69. Tony Winger says:

    Mark Gungor has some really informative videos on Youtube as well…he’s a BEAST!!!

  70. Amber Lynne says:

    And what a waste of my time reading this bs!

  71. sounds like the perfect ‘excuse’ to me! I actually know (have even worked with a few) several guys who seem to have a ‘ball of wire’ as a brain!

  72. that is women! Men have compartments.

  73. This is not accurate in terms of research and is a subjective opinion despite the nod to science. The overall message that women can’t stand to see men do nothing is outdated and, frankly, quite ridiculous and reeks of good old-fashioned sexism.

    The brain becomes wired up according to the experiences we have in early life-through adolescence. That’s why everyone’s brain is different.

  74. Is it any wonder that there is so much trouble in the World ? I knew I was right all along, there’s the proof.

  75. most men seek to earn a living..most women (and their families) seek to live off that same living!

  76. just like some women have better bras?

  77. Please elaborate then, why my son acts just like his father even though he wasn’t raised by him? How is his brain wired the same?

  78. Dee Palmisano No disrespect but in a word: genetics. Personality traits are often a result of genetics. They can also be due to experience and environment. The old nature versus nurture issue.

  79. Continuing to think in terms of simple male-female dichotomies with regard to the human brain is to be ignorant of neuroscience and the growing body of contrary evidence. To paraphrase the title of a key paper in this area, men are not from Mars or women from Venus, we are all from Earth.

  80. Gary Taylor says:

    That’s what’s going on

  81. Roger Rister says:

    Oh man does he ever

  82. Zai Fox says:

    It might work as comedy, but I didn’t think the presentation even did a very good job of this(comedy).

  83. Ted Hoare says:

    Women just don’t understand us

  84. Rena Stone says:

    He lost me in the first paragraph when he said “very unique…” Something is “unique” or it’s not. It’s not “very unique” not matter what.

  85. Love this comment.

  86. Rodney Cole says:

    There now, who’d have thought that, I’ve always been lead to believe (and frequently told) that men’s brains are in their trousers.. 😉 😉

  87. Rose Stokes says:

    Agree, especially with the “Nothing Box”….

  88. My brain is not wired like that. If anything I think more like a “man” according to this article. I know plenty of men who have “female brains”. Everyone is different. Articles like this just generalize and leave men and women confused or feeling like something is wrong with them. Be who you are and don’t worry about what society and silly articles have to say.

  89. Slaven Smolčić says:

    I assume you are male?

  90. Elak Swindell says:

    Interesting and true, but poorly written. He used “box” twelve times in the first two paragraphs.

  91. John Paul says:

    Very funny and true…..aaaaaaaaaand just guaranteed to get the angry, irrational, offended by everything, foaming at the mouth, “anti-patriarchy” feminist crowd riled up.

    It’s a joke. Lighten up… NOBODY cares…..GET OVER YOURSELVES.

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