These three minutes will make your day beautiful

It will take only three minutes of your day, watching this video, to light you up, make your day beautiful, make you feel inspired.

Louie Schwartzberg explains the meaning of life in a beautiful three-minute speech, followed by some extraordinary pictures.

Pay attention to his words and they are guaranteed to make you smile throughout your day.

By Jonah Winter, Truth Inside Of You.


Comments (3)
  1. I’m very very sorry, but I might be way to autistic, I only hear an advertising story hoping to grab you to buy product. I’m even annoyed by his depicting meanings in Oh and My and most off all God as if there were any. If this is Ted, Ted annoys me in a great deal. But not only annoys me, it frightens me, for it stirs, and I thought Ted wouldn’t ever do that!

  2. darkmoon108 says:

    Obviously you are indeed autistic…enough said.

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