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Why Are Most Men Scared Of Smart Women.

  • we aint scared of them..we just dont want to put up with all of their talking.

  • Is this a feminist site? Why an I seeing all these, “smart women” article titles? Face it , there are dumb, stupid women and there are women with integrity and morals. Same applies to men.

  • Please get serious, not scared but very respectful, shows alot of class.

  • Because they know they will lose in a debate.

  • I am a smart guy, and I need a woman who is smart enough to talk to, and who understands me. Not afraid of smart women. I think they are sexy.

  • Other way around

  • smart women are not easily fooled, just a bit intimidating.

  • LOL

  • sexist post.

  • Been taking my girl out for 55 yrs , guys it really really hurts to admit it , oh ouch she is smarter than me

  • Because they worry about damaging their ego

  • Who said most men are scared of smart women?

  • Where not..We are scared of the ones that think they’re smart ( that sentence applies to both genders)