We’re all human beings, no matter the color we were born with.

We're all human beings, no matter the color we were born with.
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  1. No matter color, creed, gender, sexual orientation !

  2. Agree it’s what’s inside that counts

  3. But no rainbows please

  4. wouldn’t it be boring if EVERYONE was vanilla or chocolate. What matters is we are all the same inside. Outside is just for a little variety .Love everyone. Color is only skin deep.

  5. Sp Tariq says:

    The color of my skin is white n i like dark chocolate very much…ds it matters any thing?

  6. Billie Evans says:

    Whats wrong is that spelling of colour Xena Evans

  7. Nothing if You are American- don’t let spelling and language be barriers…
    Compassion, Empathy, Respect and Love are the only things that Truly Matter.

  8. Little tibout still at the end

  9. Joyce Smith says:

    Many of the people who have pale skin spend hours of their holiday trying to go a darker colour and maybe some with a darker skin would like to be paler (i.e.Michael Jackson was one such person).

  10. A thousands shades of brown

  11. Jaya Meena says:

    V r one family…soil is soil …colour doesn’t matter…but the deeds..if v hv human appearance b a true human being

  12. Grant Train says:

    I’m in this picture on the extreme left, after the white guy, I’m invisible as I’m mostly transparent. I’m from Scotland. I went To a Trans discussion group once. . . .It was not what about Transparent people like I assumed.

  13. there was a purpose , it was for all of us to care ; help; be neighborly ; acceptance of each other no matter what colour our skin is ; some how this has gone in the wrong direction,

  14. Human are equal no matter what colour your are!!!


  15. And all of us bleed red!

  16. Ralph Parra says:

    tell that to racist donald trump!!!!

  17. Cecilia Hill says:

    All descendants of Adam and Eve…..beautiful!!

  18. Are you crazy?TRUMP IS OUR ONLY HOPE!!

  19. Scot Sinbad says:

    Yes! Humans/demons.

  20. Joe Ann Lias says:

    yes because God created us and he love us so much

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