We’re all human beings, no matter the color we were born with.

We're all human beings, no matter the color we were born with.
  • No matter color, creed, gender, sexual orientation !

  • All beautiful

  • Agree it’s what’s inside that counts


  • ❤️

  • But no rainbows please

  • Mmm

  • wouldn’t it be boring if EVERYONE was vanilla or chocolate. What matters is we are all the same inside. Outside is just for a little variety .Love everyone. Color is only skin deep.

  • The color of my skin is white n i like dark chocolate very much…ds it matters any thing?

  • Whats wrong is that spelling of colour Xena Evans

    • Nothing if You are American- don’t let spelling and language be barriers…
      Compassion, Empathy, Respect and Love are the only things that Truly Matter.

  • Emilie

  • Many of the people who have pale skin spend hours of their holiday trying to go a darker colour and maybe some with a darker skin would like to be paler (i.e.Michael Jackson was one such person).

  • A thousands shades of brown

  • V r one family…soil is soil …colour doesn’t matter…but the deeds..if v hv human appearance b a true human being

  • I’m in this picture on the extreme left, after the white guy, I’m invisible as I’m mostly transparent. I’m from Scotland. I went To a Trans discussion group once. . . .It was not what about Transparent people like I assumed.

  • So true

  • s2s <3

  • there was a purpose , it was for all of us to care ; help; be neighborly ; acceptance of each other no matter what colour our skin is ; some how this has gone in the wrong direction,

  • Human are equal no matter what colour your are!!!


  • So so true

  • And all of us bleed red!

  • tell that to racist donald trump!!!!

  • All descendants of Adam and Eve…..beautiful!!

  • Are you crazy?TRUMP IS OUR ONLY HOPE!!

  • Yes! Humans/demons.

  • True.

  • yes because God created us and he love us so much