It only takes one minute to deconstruct racism

Jane Elliot, an anti-racism activist was asked maybe one of the most difficult questions. “Why do we hate?”.

We’re all human beings, no matter the color we were born with.

We’re all human beings, no matterthe color we were born with.  by Johnny Stones, for Truth Inside Of You.  Don’t forget to visit our Quotes Gallery!

Racist Attack on Bus Stop. The Reactions Will Amaze You!

ActionAid has conducted a social experiment in the center of Athens in a bus stop , on racism.

In The End This Is What We All Look Like…The Surprise Behind That Screen Will Melt Your Heart!

While many people around the world think they are unprejudiced, without even knowing it a lot of us make snap judgments instantly when we see somebody unconsciously. Whether it’s gender, race, age, disability, or religion these subconscious biases affect us…

16 Rare Photos Showing Racism and Nazism in Human History.

Racism and Nazism, this is an attempt to understand the absurdity of these two interrelated ideologies with a photographic tribute that I found very surprising.

Strange Fruit : Short Film About Racism

A father and  his son peaceful day routine is interrupted by an encounter with a strange boy of a different colour.

The Racism Experiment.

This Racism Experiment  has been repeated several times in the past, and it was here as part of the campaign against racism.