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Waking Up The Goddess: Why Women Will Change The World!

  • Ena

    There is one fundamentally wrong approach in the article – it is not about men and women – it is about male and female or better positive and negative – every human being has both sides.
    To defame patriarchy must comprise defamation of matriarchy – patriarchy is a reaction to the dark side of matriarchy with all its duality – it is part of the evolution of consciousness to start to believe in two and it started in a culture we would call matriarchy cause the female had not been defamed yet. We would call such a culure matriarchy but it was still a culture of one-ness while matriarchy is a culture which has to be followed by patriarchy – the article is full of good thoughts but not to recognize one-ness and to label women with the “female” – one of the two principles ruling “the world” is fundamentally wrong and contraproductive to what the author wants to express.

  • Jayde da Blade

    them men are killing earth, so lets fix it!!!