Vulgar Girls: What It’s Like Being A Lady With A ‘Man’s’ Sense Of Humor
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Vulgar Girls: What It’s Like Being A Lady With A ‘Man’s’ Sense Of Humor

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  1. “uninHAbited”??? Really, guys?… 🙂 😀

  2. Sorry A excuse. Vulgar is vulgar, no matter who spits it out. Why would “ladies” want to be part of the men’s locker room mentality.

  3. Kirk Bullard says:

    I had a job where I had 15 women assemblers, the things they said when I was in the office made me blush.

  4. Leila Yasmin says:

    Io think that the title itself is insulting to women who dare to be themselves. Women that are open and either use dirty r ful words should not be called “having a man’s sense of humor. We do not and in fact we are not vulgar. We say it like it is and we and only we choose where and why. We are not interested in being ladylike as they call it or “having a mans “anything” This is not about gender issues, its about personality and individuality. A sort of non conforming attitude that sets us free from the boxes or limites imposed by gender. I am not vulgar, but sometimes I choose to sound vulgar. I am not trapped into a mold, I am myself, I am a beautiful person but refuse to comply with stereotypes of men or woman. I am picky about my choices, I live a god life.But I will not assume posing for anybody.

  5. Vulgar? I dnt think so..

  6. Dee U. Stich says:

    oh poor you….c’mon, and how do you think we feel when we hear the males making raunchy comments then?

  7. Dee U. Stich says:

    It’s all in your mind. Words are words, you give them meaning.

  8. It’s ok 🙂 I know the pitfalls of spellcheckers.. 🙂

  9. Women can sometimes be more foulmouthed than men, and no, it’s not attractive. And Amy Schumer is a pig.

  10. Toned down, that woman on the illustrational pic has toned herself down A LOT. Is that the reason for using an underweight incognito female in bikini as illustration?

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