“Virgin. Beautiful. 12 years old. The price has reached $ 12,500 US and will be sold soon, ” in ISIS sex slave market.

  • Islam is religion of peace and we should respect their culture, yes?

    • If this is Islam, why the other muslim people do not follow such
      things? If the crusaders were real christians, why did they kill thousands of muslim and jewish in middle east? And examples can go on… this is not about religion and it has never be. It is all about money and will be. As long as we idiots choose to play with their rules

    • Cause they are true believers and others dont follow quran like they are supposed, they nitpick the parts of quran as they see fit, which is against quran as it states it should be followed to a letter. Yah, christians are deplorable as well, organized religion is a sham and often does more bad than good.

  • This is disgusting, how are we tolerating this?! Imagine if these were your daughters!

    • We tolerate it because we are conditioned to be weak complaining on Facebook isn’t going to help either… if this really bothers you that much maybe you should go fight the fight over there? No? My point exactly, no sense making comments about how we shouldn’t tolerate this when I see you doing nothing much about it

  • Sick people

  • All the people involved in this are sick!

  • Barbarians!!!!!!

  • Who’s behind Isis ???? I’ve read it was financed by the US….

  • Please let’s stop this hideous slavery and killing of helpless women! We can’t accept this anymore!

  • So sad to see this pic.. isis is totally nuts and evil.. the United Nation should do more..

  • This sick world needs to be cleansed, being an empath I can feel the pain of this poor women by looking at the much pain

  • This will only stop, when the Muslims around will be ashamed and stand together and fight together for the innocents regardless of religion. This is common in Pakistan. I have seen the men , even once your friends will hide in their homes and let the sin occur. It’s painful but this is a Muslim mentality and culture in the world.

    • Most of the things you wrote that i agree but “muslim mentality”; no. Sorry, but judging the whole community with the same guilt is not logical. But saying, they should stand against such brutual acts, right. I totally agree with you

    • Thankyou even when you believe 2% correction is needed. Things change, and you ll progress . there is never any positive action. From1947 till today women are under constant abuse . Shame.

  • So much EVIL..!!!!!!

  • Islam.

  • Sick! Just a child!

  • Que le da derecho al HOMBRE !!!!

  • There is no such thing in islam and quran im muslim i know everything this is such a shame

  • This is the result of a world lacking the fear of God….

  • I just can’t comprehend a complete lack of compassion, how do they do this, how do they managed to do this without feeling mercy and pain in chest?!

    • Because they are female and/or infidels, they are considered less than human and are thusly chattel, livestock and are to be treated as such – they have no rights. Only the men have rights, the ‘faithful’ men (them).

    • Yeah but even if I were brainwashed to believe in that I could not treat another person like that, its unbelievable.. Cant believe that ‘religion’ can turn people into sociopaths…

    • Actually that religion requires it. Google wahabism and its rules, and you will se how oppresive is its believes and laws.

  • gut-wrenching. It will take the hand of God Almighty himself to end ISIS forever.

  • Not just ISIS but other organized crime groups around the globe. Native women in Canada and the United States have the same fate.

  • When our dear God Jehovah removes all the vermin off the planet at the fast approaching Armageddon I reckon terrorists might be first up

  • Sick bastards

  • Absolutely sickening!!!These poor children

  • It’s sick….
    But its just not Isis.
    It happens everyday right here in the good old USA.

    • Shhhh! It doesn’t play into the alt-right narrative that only brown people who might want to come here do bad things!

  • Marjeta Duhani

  • Penny Trottier

    I just hope and pray Russia goes in and wipe those *** out and by the way thanks a hell of a lot Hillary for supporting these idiots. I am ashamed for what the united states has allowed to happen.

    • Samantha Degen

      Well said!

  • What war are they really fighting???!!!!

  • Disgusting, disgusting,disgusting!